No child should ever have to hear their parent make this comment. Asperger's is not necessarily a hateful thing;

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The child should not be hurt, upset, or frightened by someone's touch.

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What not to say to a mother of an autistic child. But all children do that; Thank you, thank you thank you a million times for interviewing these folks and writing this. It is not bad for parents to hope for the best because, hope outweighs denial, hope is real, and hope heals.

So you will need a bit of hope. I hope my kids don’t end up like yours; This way you will prevent the error and the child will be more successful.

1) he looks so normal. I’m here for you if you want to talk. But your kid was so good for me;

There are often discussions about what not to say to parents about their children with autism. If there's anything hateful out there, then that's this mother and ableism in general. Watch for red flags of a bad attitude.

Ten things to say to an autism mom (or dad) if you want to get throat punched you'll notice i changed the title a bit from what is featured.i didn't want to be too aggressive from the get go! Nana, what an ignorant thing to say! Autism can be a pretty heartbreaking piece to read online.

That’s why she’s asking for privacy, because while i hope to god that your son outlives you, statistics say that someone else’s autistic child won’t. If you don't want an autistic child or if you only want to have a kid who is not autistic/disabled, then do not get one! The following are some things to avoid telling your kids.

So when you ask a mother this, not only does it reinforce that her child is different in the neurotypical world, it makes her feel like her child is different in the autistic world too, so just don't. Parents should learn that autism is not just “nonverbal with severe learning difficulties” but comes in an array of difficulties and a large spectrum. I also know that my autism helps me be a good mother:

I don’t know what you’re going through, but i’m always willing to listen. Sensory pain is real pain. Is there anything i can do to help you out?

You need to watch your kids better; If someone interacts with the child and does not know this strategy or if they forget and say hi bobby and get an echo, just have them drop back to “hi” and get a correct echo of “hi.” Your kid will grow out of it, right?

Even if you’re so frustrated with your child you could spit sixteen penny nails, bite your tongue if you think you’re about to say this. Someone who hates autism probably will not be kind to autistic children. It must be nice to get special funding or special help!

You are & will always be your child’s biggest advocate. Referring to your child with a nickname such as “rain man” or “stimmer” Take it seriously, and take steps to protect the child from something that hurts them, even if it's not painful to you.

“i’m not worried about whether i’m a good mother or not. Maybe you’re just bad parents; Be unapologetic for being a warrior.

Maybe if you just provided him with some discipline. duck. I sincerely hope you are able to shelter him from that, but i need to tell you that it’s not guaranteed, and even if it is for your son, it’s not for every autistic child. Here are some thoughtful ways to connect.

“i wish you’d never been born.”. Although well meaning, some comments have the opposite of the intended effect. That’s like rain man, right?

Adults who do not have children with autism may not always know “the right thing to say” to those who do. The best books i would recommend is the spark (written by a mother of an autism child) & the reason i jump (written by a 13 year old boy with autism).

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