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But this land, bharat, is the only place where worship of the divine feminine is still an active process. It’s an awareness of the unseen forces at work around us, like:

yoni the tantric symbol of the feminine jan44
Yoni The Tantric Symbol of the Feminine

It ripples and surges across our entire planet, through the soil and sea, and beyond it too, into the infinite realms of the universe.

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What is the feminine divine. The feminine aspect of every being was known as our connection to pure life force energy. The divine feminine can also be. It is a force that exists in everyone male and female, it is a state of.

The divine feminine represents values that we all cherish which stem from the greek and roman goddesses, for example, athena’s qualities include wisdom and art, as well as science and culture. Women subjugated to male thinking and ideals can lack examples and models to nurture their inherent connection to the divine. Conversely, divine masculine is the energy that represents the purest, most powerful masculine expression.

The divine feminine is defined as an energy which can be felt, existing in all living things on our planet. When you worship the masculine, it is very natural to look up heavenward. The divine feminine is the nurturing, gentle energy that’s usually attributed to women.

Most people believe that neither is superior or inferior. The divine feminine is energy. Feminine awareness is not linear or time/space limited.

From sculpting, music, photography, creative writing, drawing and painting, dance, even chalk pavement art and our drawings as a child. It is also the positive expression of the feminine side of us that exists in both men and women. We all, both men and women, have a masculine side and feminine side to us.

From nature, objects, animals, and humans to actions, thoughts, and ways of being. From the creation of a baby to the creation of new relationships. The divine feminine is not what society's interpretation of being feminine is!

When you worship the feminine, you inevitably look at the planet on which you exist. It is the deepest connection to our intuition, sensitivity, creativity, sensuality, psychic and spiritual gifts and our very nature in the cosmos. The divine feminine is the energy that represents the purest, most powerful feminine expression.

This creativity is located in our sacral chakra and is responsible for the creation of everything. The sky is referred to as the masculine god. The divine feminine is the spiritual concept that there exists a feminine counterpart to the patriarchal and masculine worship structures that have long dominated organized religions.

The divine feminine is the personification of creativity. Theologians and believers tell how they connect with the feminine side of their faith. The divine feminine extends well beyond one belief system, and instead can be used as a spiritual lens to balance our perspective.

All creative art is accessed by the artist from their spiritual connection with the feminine energy. She comprises the best of the feminine in all its measure. It’s the balance to the more assertive and driven energy usually attributed to men.

The divine feminine is sacred, sensual and often beyond the realm of day to day living. It is a “spiritual lens” if you will. These two energies make up everything.

It’s a whole spectrum of archetypal and essential energy that exists way beyond humanity: The divine feminine represents the supreme level of feminine expression and manifestation in the universe. The divine feminine is the central creative force of the universe.

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