I love you best friend because you know me better than my brothers and sisters. I love you best friend because you know how to comfort me when i need comfort.

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I love you because you make me feel like a princess and you are my prince charming.

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Reasons why i love you quotes for best friend. Always good to be reminded why we love our friends! Here are ten reasons why i love my best friend. My greatest joy is when i see a smile on the face of the person who constantly puts a smile on my face.

I don’t think i could ever love anyone as much as i love you and this is one of the first few reasons why i love you. Reasons why i love my best friend. This is one of my favorite reasons why i love you.

I love you, best friend. Your look is enough to just say how much you care. You sit with me while i speak, and you follow all my words, and you wait until i finish before responding.

No matter where life takes us, i will always be there for you, because true friends always stick together and never leave each other. You always get me the best presents that even my family cannot buy for me. A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down.

You have a big heart and i am a part of it. I can count on you, no matter what you will be always there for me. That’s one of the reasons why i love you so much, my best friend.

I love you because you always make time for me and happy to stay with me, assuring that i’m your top priority. You always forgive me even when i fight or am in a bad mood. You make me feel like i can get through anything, as long as i have you.

I wish you happiness today and other days of your life. During summers and winters, you share the warmth of your love. I love you because you are not only my lover, you are my best friend in the whole world.

One of the reasons why i love you my best friend is because you don’t judge me. You know how much that girl means to me, and you’re always so protective of her. I appreciate you, best friend.

You have heard me complain about the same person a thousand times and still can’t get enough of it. Sometimes you don’t even need to reply. I love you because you support me without any conditions.

No matter what i say or do or what someone says about me, you never make an opinion without knowing the complete picture. You have expressed them so well. I love you because we are family and friends at the same time.

Every day is yours to own. Voted up, awesome and useful. You know me like a poet knows his poem and you keep faith in me.

You don’t support everything that i say. Beautiful collection of reasons why i love you best friend. You are my personal wizard, you make our lives beautiful, i love you.

When i call you any time of the day or night i know you will answer, you will not be annoyed with me. Not ideal, sure, but a trait most appreciated! I love you not only because who you are but also because who i am when i am with you.

You are the first person i want to celebrate with during the good times and the first person i want to turn to when times are hard. Your concentration is all i need. I love you because you have taught me the true meaning of love.

I love you for being able to make me laugh my ass off in the most serious moments. I love you because you say it to my face rather than talk behind my back. I know you will always be by my side even everyone else turns against me.

Mary craig from new york on june 15, 2012: Really, it sounds like a simple task, but very few people are as attentive as you. I love the way your smile instantly lights up my whole day.

A sense of security is a good reason to love someone and you make me feel safer than i ever felt before. I love you because you’ve always stood by me, no matter the consequences or the dangers. You stay by my side day and night.

And that’s one among the reasons why we are the best of friends. I love you because it is. Isn’t that enough of the reasons why i love you?

I love how well you get along with my best friend. Real friendship, like real poetry, is extremely rare — and precious as a pearl. You know all my imperfections but you still accommodate me in every way.

I love you, my friend. They bring you sunshine before, during and after the rain. the queen of lists has done it again, insightful and makes me proud to be your friend. So to solidify my care, appreciation, and love for you, my sweetheart, here are my top reasons why i love you so much.

I love you because you give me a feeling of comfort and warmth. I love you because you’re warm and comforting when i need it And there may be several reasons to be upset, mad, or angry at him, i go back to loving him.

There are so many reasons why i love you, it’s hard to pick just one. You understand when i don’t want disturbance. So take advantage of this beautiful morning and own your world.

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