Tom Speight returns with Love

Tom Speight is a musician who’s has never failed to impress me over the 4 years that I have been a fan. He’s consistently released music of a high calibre but still manages to fine tune his song writing to give listeners something stronger. As a fan I have supported his work on my social media channels and have featured it on my site (see Introducing Tom Speight) which includes his ‘Little Love’ EP from earlier in the year (click the link for review). Well, since then Tom has released two more EP’s called ‘Falling’ and his latest offering ‘Love’ EP.

When listening to ‘Falling’ EP it felt like a natural continuation from where ‘Little Love’ EP left off. Each song has that captivating charm which you come to expect from the music of Tom Speight. That combination of his gentle vocals and guitar techniques never fails to grab the listeners attention. The only song that differs from that trend is the title track ‘Falling’ which gives a slightly upbeat acoustic pop sound. This one caught me off guard with its catchy toe tapping vibe but I really liked it. This is another collection of songs that will not disappoint which my favourite song ‘Under Your Arrest’ confirms.

Now let’s talk about Tom’s latest EP ‘Love’. His third release of the year not only shows that he loves creating new music but demonstrates that the quality of it remains to his usual high standards. As soon as the title track begins, his gentle vocals invite you in to listen to the four songs that will be a treat to your ears. Each song showcases a genuine emotion which flows through Tom’s vocal tone and this is used to perfection to share his stories with the listener. Throughout ‘Love’ EP you will hear some wonderful additional vocals and harmonies which have come from Max Jury, Lydia Clowes and Turin Brakes.

It’s not only the vocals on this EP that are captivating but the music is too. Tom has always had a gift when it comes to setting the right atmosphere for each story that he shares. ‘Better Together’ shows off this talent which is also highlight of mine from this release. If I had to choose one song to explain why you need to listen to this EP then my favourite ‘Running Out After You’ will do the job. The use of the piano (from Max Jury) with Tom’s guitar style sets the foundations to this impressive song. Then when the vocals come in then all the boxes become ticked resulting in a beautiful song.

If you need to check out more tunes from Tom Speight then head over to his Soundcloud, YouTube and Spotify pages. I highly recommend you do so as each release including ‘Love’ EP should be in every fans collection. If you need purchase his music then you can grab digital copies from iTunes and Amazon.

I know that Tom has recently finished his latest tour which has been receiving the usual great reviews but I am sure that he will be itching to get back in the studio to create more new music. He is someone who has a genuine passion for his art and he just wants to continue doing what he does. By the way, as someone who has seen him perform live I highly recommend that you check him out if you get the chance.

If you want to find out about Tom’s, future releases and gigs then head over to his social media sites (Facebook or Twitter) which he likes to connect with his fans, so go and say hello. Talking about fans, if you come under this banner then don’t forget to spread the word about Tom Speight by all means possible and tell the world about his music TODAY!