The Matinee – Broken Arrows EP

It has been far too long since I have featured music from The Matinee but I am about to change that. I originally featured the guys debut album ‘We Swore We’d See the Sunrise’ on my site because of their old school southern rock sound which included so many great songs including ‘Young and Lazy’. If you want to find out more about that album then check out my review ‘Introducing The Matinee’.

Now The Matinee have returned with their brand new EP ‘Broken Arrow’ and I was excited to hear what Matt Layzell (vocals), Matt Rose ( Guitar/Pedal Steel/Banjo/Mandolin, vocals), Pete Lemon (drums, vocals) and Geoff Petrie (guitar, percussion, vocals) have created.

‘Broken Arrow’ is a collection of songs that feels like a new chapter for The Matinee as they have stepped away from that southern rock sound that converted me into a fan and now deliver more of an alternative rock vibe. When I first listened to this EP, this change was the first thing that stood out for me and I wasn’t sure if I liked it. As a fan of their album I thought I would spend more time listening to what they had created and after a few more listens I finally realised what they were trying to achieve. I think they were simply wanting to evolve their music and when I accepted that, my ears began to really enjoy the 5 songs that are on offer.

The EP begins with the title track that showcases this new alt-rock sound which still has a slight Americana undertone. This new sound echoes through the rest of the album which features a some edgier guitar riffs and licks that confirms this new musical direction. ‘Call of the Wild’ is a perfect example of this change which features some cool thumping drums and infectious riffs. The band feel at ease with this new direction on this release and as a result deliver a sound that will grab your attention.

From all of the songs that are offer from ‘Broken Arrows’ EP none of them come close to my favourite song ‘Edge of Something’. It’s atmospheric feel seems to pull me in every time and I really like the arrangement of the various layers to its sound. Lyrically, this is also my favourite even though this side of their songwriting never fails to impress. Something else that never fails to impress is the vocals, either by Matt or the backing vocals from the rest of the band.

It may have been a few years between releases but their high calibre of music has not diminished, in fact it has become stronger. This collection of songs from ‘Broken Arrows’ EP has so much to offer and you need to give it a listen, which can be done by listing their visiting their Soundcloud site. If you need to grab a copy of ‘Broken Arrows’ EP and add it to your collection like I did, then grab it from the usual online stores like Amazon and iTunes.

The guys can’t wait for 2017 as they have a brand new album ready for us fans called ‘Dancing On Your Grave’. They have released the title track from the album which you can watch the video HERE. Going off the strength of this song, the bar has been set high and I expect their best work to date.

To keep up to date with the progress of the new album and upcoming shows then head over to You can also find all of this information on their Facebook and Twitter sites. As always, if you like what you hear then help spread the world and tell it that The Matinee are here!