Sunset Sons–The Fall Line

Anyone who follows me on twitter can confirm that I am a total fan boy when it comes to the band Sunset Sons. I stumbled across their music in 2014 while doing research on the Great Escape Festival and their song ‘On the Road’ grabbed my attention because of its infectious sound. After hearing this song I purchased ‘Le Surfing’ EP that I have featured on my site (see Introducing Sunset Sons) which sounds epic. After hearing these guys live I became the huge fan that I am today. Since then the guys released their follow up EP ‘No Bad Days’ which I feel was a natural growth to their sound as well as another fantastic sounding release (see post No Bad Days EP).

The guys themselves have kept up the momentum by playing packed out shows to rave reviews which are all well deserved. Recently I have noticed that there is a buzz about this band, personally I am not sure why it has not happened sooner.

Now the guys are back again with their 3rd EP called ‘The Fall Line’ which continues the evolution of their sound. It seems to capture the winning elements from both previous EP’s to give the listener their strongest collection of songs to date. It feels that they are now more confident in their sound and how they want to deliver it within each song.

I am impressed with the balance of the EP as the first two tracks ‘Medicine’ and ‘Blondie’ deliver what I call the Sunset Sons sound which is infectious with catchy sing along hooks. For me, this is where the band as a whole really stand out of the crowd as it gets peoples attention. This sound really kicks ass during their live shows which gets the crowd pumped. The second half of the EP changes pace as the band deliver a more delicate side to their music. This gives the opportunity for Rory to show off his vocal talent. He delivers a tender tone which adds so much to the lyrics and all of this is supported by a more controlled band performance.

‘The Fall Line’ is another great EP that needs to be in everyone’s music collection. If you need one song to convince you to do so then I highly recommend my favourite track ‘Medicine’ which symbolises why this band sound so good! I highly recommend that you grab a copy of this EP today, actually buy them all and play them altogether to create an unofficial Sunset Sons album (this is what I do).

Talking about albums, I really hope the guys get the opportunity to release a full showing of their musical talent with a full length outing. Fans need this to happen, so we will all have our fingers crossed!

As I am following them on their social media sites at Facebook and Twitter I will find out when new music, EP or album will be released. You can also find this information out at the website at which is a great place to find out about their upcoming gigs. I’m going to see the guys play during the Great Escape Festival 2015 in May, so you never know, I may see you there.

As always, remember to support the musicians/bands that matter to you by purchasing the music and spreading the word about them. This is what I do and will continue to do as this is what fans are meant to do. This will include the amazing must hear sound created by Sunset Sons!