Sofar Sound Newcastle: Issue 1

1236246_1379654422269704_718034029_nI am not sure if you are aware of Sofar Sounds, but I will explain what they are about and why I am a huge supporter of their work. Sofar Sounds was originally founded in 2009 after they hosted a live event featuring 3 musicians to a carefully selected audience. This was to help bring back the tradition of live music in intimate venues, and after this show, things would never be the same again. Now, Sofar Sounds are the world’s largest live music discovery community who host secret intimate gigs in unique spaces around the world. This brings a special live music experience which you can watch on their YouTube site (click HERE). To go along to one of these shows, you have to subscribe to their mailing list (click HERE) and you will receive an email every month which gives you dates and towns/cities who are hosting these gigs. I recently had the opportunity to experience one of these gigs through Sofar Sounds Newcastle and discover some new music.

On 12 February of this year, I went to a secret location to hear 3 musicians play,  but I did not find out who they were until I got to the venue. This was a new experience for me as I always like to do my homework on musicians/bands before I go and see them play. Each musician performed an unplugged version of their music and these were:

Matt Hunsley

Matt was not only the first to perform but he was the host for the night as he is the man behind Sofar Sounds Newcastle. I have known him for a while now because of Twitter and I was already aware of his music. It came to no surprise that he sounded great and his vocal talent sounds even better live. I am hoping that he releases an EP or album soon as he is definitely one to watch. You can find out more at or check out his music on his Soundcloud page (click HERE).

Tom Morris

Tom normally performs with his band called Her name is Calla but he also performs solo too. On this night he performed his solo material which was spellbinding thanks to some amazing intricate guitar skills. The way he sang with raw emotion was simply captivating and his lyrics where delivered in a way that it provoked imagery which was an amazing experience. He is a gifted in story telling of the musical kind. The songs he performed were ‘The long distance runner’, ‘I could have been a Fire’, ‘Your life in pictures’ and an amazing cover of ‘Running up that Hill’ by Kate Bush. I strongly recommend that you check out this talented musician at and listen to his music at his BandCamp site (click HERE). While you are there, check out his new album ‘LOST‘ which is superb and features my favourite song called ‘Your Life in Pictures’, WOW!


Last up was Allan Hyslop from the Newcastle six piece folk/pop band Kosoti. He performed the songs ‘Cradle’, ‘Pirouettes’, ‘Bark & Sticks’, ‘Gone Too Far’, ‘By Your Side’ which all sounded great. Copies of Kosoti‘s EP ‘Cradle’ were given out to the audience and of course it would be rude to say no to free CD’s. As much as Allan sounded great on the night, the music produced by the band really let the music shine. This is an impressive EP and I recommend that you check out at their website at or at their Soundcloud site (click HERE). Like the two musicians before, here is another one to watch out for.

I loved the relaxed nature throughout the gig as it felt like you were relaxing with friends and enjoying music in its natural form. I am already planning to attend many more of these Sofar gigs and when I do you will read all about it here. If you want to attend one of these gigs then head over to Sofar Sounds and join the mailing list. If you live in the Newcastle area then you never know, you may see me there!