Smoove and Turrell

I can not believe I’ve been doing my blog for over a year and I have not mentioned “Smoove and Turrell”.  This makes me feel bad as they are one of my favourites in my epic CD collection (yes I know, that’s my opinion that its epic).  This Northern Soul band are from Newcastle (which is where I was born) and it makes me happy that these local boys have done good.  I can’t think of many musicians from my home town that I’m proud of and happy to support, but I’m so glad that they are a shining beacon of hope for my region.

I just noticed that I have described their music as Northern Soul, this is an up-tempo soul sound.  In other words, its soul music that makes you get up and shake your tail feather!  But, Smoove & Turrell also put their own twist on it by adding some funk, jazz and other magical ingredients.  Between John’s (Turrell) vocals and the music genius of Steven Moove (aka Smoove) they seem to have a winning combination.   This Dynamic duo have two albums under their belts with their debut album “Antique Soul” followed by the excellent “Eccentric Audio”. Both albums deliver a funky experience, but there is also some great soul on show.

If you are reading this and thinking where to start on the Smoove & Turrell music voyage, then I can recommend the following:

  • From the album “Antique Soul” – The infectious track “ Beggarman” which makes me want to dance and I don’t dance ha ha!  Also check out the simplistic soulful sound of “Without You” which shows great emotion and John’s vocals have a delicate charm.
  • From the album “Eccentric Audio” – Another two tracks that makes me move (wished they would stop that ha ha) called “Slow Down” and “Hard Work”   John pulls another amazing vocal display with the track “Gabriel”

After reading this, you can gather that I am a fan and you can see why, Smoove & Turrell tick all the right boxes.  I hope you enjoy their music and if you wish to find out more, check them out at:

Website: Smoove&

Facebook: Smoove&Turrell/Facebook

Twitter: Smoove&Turrell/Twitter