Smoove and Turrell – Crown Posada

Last year saw the release of the album Broken Toys from Smoove and Turrell which I featured on my site (see Smoove and Turrell Broken Toys). It was the best collection of songs from this Northern Soul band, and it was so good that it was one of my top 5 favourite albums of 2015. Now moving onto the present day and we see that this Newcastle band have unleashed their new album ‘Crown Posada’. Let’s see if Smoove (production/percussion), John Turrell (vocals), Mike Porter (keys), Andy Champion (bass), Lloyd Croft (drums) and Athol Cassidy (guitar) have been able to raise their game once again.


‘Crown Posada’ is yet another impressive collection of songs put together to the high standard I come to expect from the guys. As soon as the album begins with ‘You could’ve been a Lady’ it instantly welcomes you to put on your dancing shoes as they deliver their usual infectious funky sound. This is when the band really shine for me as EVERYONE brings their own energy to creates what I call the Smoove and Turrell Experience. Another great example of how good the band sound together is ‘New Jerusalem’. This one has more of a jazz feel thanks to some cool work with the guitars and keys, let’s not forget the funky bass lines. This one was a dark horse for me as it was OK on the first listen but kept getting better with each play.

These guys have more to offer as they can slow things down to bring some epic soulful performances and this is when John’s vocals steal the spotlight. My favourite song ‘Glass’ strips things down to focus on a duet with John’s vocals and Andy Champion on the piano. This delicate tone is set by some beautiful work on the keys which sets the stage for a stunning vocal performance. The control and tone are so easy on the ears that you can’t help but be fixated on the lyrical story about fragile relationships.

Smoove and Turrell really know how to deliver music with so many sides that there will be something for everyone on this album. For me, this is another collection that shows no weakness as each song gives you something different either in tempo or from the impressive lyrical content that they offer. Talking about lyrics, there are many references to the local area which is maybe why some of these songs really speak to me.

Overall, ‘Crown Posada’ may not hit the level of their previous album ‘Broken Toys’ but it is still a great release that does not disappoint. The balance of soft soulful tones and energetic fun sound is so good. I can’t recommend this album enough and you can listen to it in full from their Bandcamp page as well as their previous releases. This is also a great place to purchase their music but you can also do so from Amazon or iTunes.

I have my fingers crossed that I will be seeing the guys perform some of these songs live before the end of the year. You should really see Smoove and Turrell live as they are easily one of my favourite live acts! To find out if they are playing near you then check out their website which is filled with lots of great information about the band. You should also follow them on Facebook or Twitter as they also share upcoming gigs and news of future releases from there too.

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