Rory Lavelle – Waves

Rory Lavelle’s journey into becoming a singer songwriter began in a small town where there was not a lot to do. His time was filled listening to music, especially 60’s pop rock. This led to him picking up a guitar and playing along to his favourites songs. As he got older and his talents grew, he took his passion to the next level by creating the bands ‘Indigo Fury’ and ‘Sparks Fly’ which gained local success. Rory has now decided to create music of his own and this has resulted in his debut album ‘Waves’.

I am a big fan of what Rory Lavelle has created with his album and in my opinion, his sound is something refreshing. He describes this as ‘dark, brooding acoustic alt-rock’ but I also hear something that reminds me of 90’s indie rock. With inspirations that range from Bill Withers, David Kitt, Nick Drake and Radiohead it comes to no surprise that he would create something a bit different to what you normally hear these days.

He seems to know how to capture a listener’s attention with his delicate and at times haunting atmosphere within his songs. For example, ‘Waiting for the Reverie’ offers this stripped back acoustic sound that’s simplistic and it’s wonderful to listen to. One of my favourite tracks ‘When the Crazies Come Out’ features orchestral strings to give this a dark edgy feel to match the tone of the lyrics, amazing!

Speaking of lyrics, Rory has a wonderful way with words and moulds them to captivate the listener. If his words do not have you hooked then his vocal talents surely will. When you listen to ‘Sonny’ and ‘All the Horrors’ (my other favourite song) you can’t help but become fixated on his vocals which have this haunting indie sound that can pack a punch when needed. I can only imagine that hearing these all performed live will be something special.

You definitely need to grab a copy of ‘Waves’ as it is a superb collection of songs that deserves your time. Head over to his Bandcamp page (click HERE) to grab a copy for yourselves. However, you will have to wait until 1st April for its official release.

As debuts goes, this is one that is highly impressive and leaves me thinking about how he will step up his game for future releases. There is something about his writing style that makes me confident that he has a lot more to offer. To find out more about Rory Lavelle, upcoming gigs and more, head over to his website You can also see what is going on in his world of music by following him on his social media sites at Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Remember, if you like what you hear then use your social media sites to spread the word and don’t forget to grab yourself a copy of Waves.