Reflections the EP

Let me introduce you all to the musicians Matt Bonner and Lewis McKale. These guys have decided to combine forces to release the EP Reflections. What they have decided to do on this release is to cover the other person’s songs. So, Matt has chosen to cover two of Lewis’s songs and vice versa. Get it? Good!

I have known about the music of Matt Bonner for few years now after being introduced to his sound by a regular on my site, Hadleigh Ford. His EP’s I Sail to You and Songs to Live By have been been part of my collection as long as I have know him. I recommend you check out his songs ‘I Sail to You’ (which sounds great live) and ‘The Same’ to hear this talent at work. The music by Lewis McKale is fairly new to me but as research for this post I checked out his EP’s The Bigger Picture and My Father’s Son. I was really impressed with his lyrical talent which can be heard on my favourite songs ‘My Father’s Son’ and ‘Prove you Wrong’. Here are two very talented acoustic musicians who deliver a captivating sound but in their own style.

So, let’s talk about the EP Reflections. Honestly, when I first heard about the EP it’s concept was a little strange to me as I wasn’t sure why musicians of their talent would want to release cover songs in this way. However, after listening to the EP, I appreciated that this was a clever idea as it introduces fans of one musician to the other.

This is an honest sounding EP that focuses on the musician and their guitar (with a few other instruments in support). There are no tricks, special effects or anything like that as this is music performed in its natural state which I like. For me, this let’s their vocal talents take the spotlight and allows the listener to enjoy some wonderfully written lyrics.

With the concept of this EP you are probably wondering who did a better version of the other guys songs. Well, Matt’s version of ‘Prove me Wrong’ was good but I preferred the original. However, I really liked his version of ‘The Bigger Picture’. As for Lewis, his version of ‘Every Night’ was good but  I still preferred the original. His version of ‘Goodbye’ sounds amazing and is my standout song from the Reflections EP. This sound has more of a band feel which really grabbed me when the harmonica kicked in. Anyone who knows me can confirm I am a sucker for some harmonica playing.

I like how the guys have shown respect to the others musicians songs by keeping the original sound but still putting their own spin on it. This EP is all about great musical talent which is also a great introduction to their music if you are new to their sound. If you want to listen to Reflections in full then you can head to the Bandcamp page of either Matt Bonner (click HERE) or Lewis McKale (click HERE). Don’t forget you can check out more music while you are there.

Now I have shared my thoughts about the music of Matt Bonner and Lewis McKale I think it is time I let the guys do the talking. I had the opportunity to chat to the guys about their music, the EP and more. This is what they had to say:

What was your inspiration for getting into music and which musicians have influenced your sound?

Matt – I had that typical teenage urge to start a band when I was about 14, at that point I was listening to bands like incubus, goo goo dolls, muse, silver chair, radio head and knew that I wanted to create a more melodic sort of band, rather than the heavy one my mates wanted to make! All of these bands have great vocals as well which shaped why my earlier stuff is hard to sing!

In terms of my sound now Dave McPherson  from InMe is someone I admire a lot, his solo work is incredible. I also am really enjoying Charlie Simpson work at the moment and I am definitely influenced by him as well

Lewis – I was brought up by a family of Beatles fanatics! You could say I have been a Beatles fan from day one! Ever since I heard the album, Revolver, as a young kid, I kind of felt that I just wanted music to be a huge part of my life. I would say that John Lennon is a big influence on my song writing and my style as a performer. As I have got older I have gone through so many different styles of music but when it comes to folk music, I believe Frank Turner was the artist who influenced me to become a solo artist.

Why did you decide to do a collaborative EP and how did you feel when you heard the final version of it?

Matt – We both gigged a lot together and thought it would be a nice idea. I was constantly singing Lewis’ songs so thought why not. It’s been strange listening back to someone else sing my material but great to hear it interpreted in a different way, I love what lewis has done with my tracks,  let’s just hope he likes what I have done with his. 

Lewis – Matt and I have been frequently gigging together on the Brighton circuit for some time and have been wanting to work with each other for some time. As we were a fan of each other’s music, we kind of felt it was a good idea to cover each other’s work. The idea just fell into place for us really.

Which is your favourite song from the EP?

Matt – That’s tough so I will give you 2, I really enjoy performing prove you wrong and thing Nathan Brown has done a great job with the production on that track. Lewis’ version of goodbye is great, I wasn’t sure how I felt about someone else doing that song as it is very personal to me but he has done a great job

Lewis – Matt’s version of Prove You Wrong is great! I am really pleased to hear his version of it and how different it is to mine. I am pleased to cover his song, Goodbye which is a really good song to perform live too.

Now the EP is released, what are your future plans for your music?

Matt – I’m writing my next ep at the moment as well as thinking about getting the Matt Bonner Band back together in the summer. Toying with the idea of a solo tour as well but not 100% sure when that will be as of yet!

Lewis – I am currently recording my third EP, which is entitled, “Too Scared To Fight” which will be followed by more gigging and I am currently writing my debut album…I think I have revealed too much there but I don’t like to keep too many secrets!

I am so glad to hear that Matt and Lewis are both working on new music and you never know, you may read about them here when they’re released. Until then, if you would like to find out more about the guys then you can check out their websites, Facebook and Twitter sites, details below:

Matt Bonner: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp

Lewis McKale: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp

As always, I want to end my post with a reminder that if you are a fan of music of any sorts then it is your duty to show your support. This includes, spreading the word about the music, purchasing the music and going to gigs. Hopefully this now includes the music by Matt Bonner and Lewis McKale. So go on, spread the word about great music today!