Rainbreakers – Rise up

If you’re a fan of blues rock then Rainbreakers will be familiar to you as they have been busy making a name for themselves. If you do not know about them, then don’t worry as I’ll give you a quick introduction. Ben Edwards (Lead vocals, guitar), Charlie Richards (lead guitar), Peter Adams (Bass) and Sam Edwards (drums) made an impact with their debut release Blood Not Brass. This EP showcases everything that makes a great blues rock band including superb vocals and some sexy riffs. You can find out more about it on my previous feature ‘Interview with Rainbreakers’.

During my interview with them, they talked about a crowdfunding campaign for a new EP. It may not have went as planned but it did not stop them from releasing the new EP Rise Up.

This EP feels different compared to its predecessor. It has more of a soulful flow which at times has a 60’s rock vibe but still has that bluesy undertone. If I’m honest, I wasn’t sure about this new direction but after a few more listens it really clicked with me. It sounds so good that I will say that this is their best work to date and I’m convinced it will grab a lot of people’s attention.

One of the reasons why Rise Up EP stands out for me, is because of this new direction. As much as I am a huge fan of edgy blues rock, it has become a common trend in the world of music. I have a lot of respect that Rainbreakers have decided to go against the tide and give us listeners something a little different. In doing so, they have also shown us that their songwriting has a lot more to offer.

While listening to ‘One your Own’ you notice that the band are more controlled compared to the previous release but their execution is stronger than ever. This is a tightly run ship which everyone is on top of their game to make sure the listener is left satisfied. Long time fans need not worry as you still get treated to some of Charlie’s great work on the guitar. This winning formula is showcased on each song and it doesn’t matter if the style changes, the guys deliver.

Now, let’s talk about the stunning vocals from Ben. We all know he can offer a great range from rock to blues but his soulful tone on my favourite track ‘Waiting on You’ is sublime. He offers this smooth old school sound that is delicate and flows naturally from start to finish. Like the band, he offers something new and delivers.

Take a trip to their Bandcamp page to check out Rise Up EP for yourself and see if you agree with me about how good Rainbreakers sound. You can also listen to the debut release Blood Not Brass. If you like what you hear then you can purchase both releases digitally or on CD while you are there. They can be obtained digitally from the usual online stores of iTunes and Amazon.

This is a band that is going from strength to strength and from talking to them, things are going to get even better. They are planning a summer tour to spread the word of the new EP and continue to write new music.

To find out what they are up to including future releases and gigs then head over to TheRainbreakers.com. Alternatively, follow their adventures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. While you are there, show them some love by saying hello to the guys and use your own social media to spread the word about the Rainbreakers TODAY!