Music Supporters Unite – Vol 1

Regular readers, or those of you who know me through social media will confirm that I am a huge supporter of music. It is more than a hobby for me. I love connecting with other people who have the same passion for music and use their voice to share information about the musicians and bands that matters to them.

I want to take the opportunity to share some amazing music for you all, that’s not just from me, but from other people who share my passion for music. The following are 4 recommendations that you really need to check out….

Carlos from the website Support Unsigned Artists recommends Spaceship Days

My pick would be Every Face Is a Faraway Place by Spaceship Days. This song puts a huge smile on my face every time I listen to it. It’s a very well written song with a very catchy hook. I like the whimsical feel of the music and how they blend elements of modern rock together with the whimsical. It didn’t take me long to become addicted to this band. They’re a good example of what is right about indie music! Check it out more here at

Emillie from the website The Indie recommends Paper Aeroplanes

“Emily” is a song from Paper Aeroplanes’ forthcoming album “JOY”. For the first time, I’ve appreciated a song with my first name in it. More seriously, I’ve had the occasion to see Sarah Howells of Paper Aeroplanes performing 2 songs at a show in London last summer. I’ve been captivated by her voice from her first notes. She knows how to convey emotions when she sings. I remember that I have felt shivers during her performance and I still feel that when I discover a new song by Paper Aeroplanes. Find out more about Paper Aeroplanes at

Jake from the twitter account @JDMarley_95 suggests The Albion.

I want to recommend this bands track called ‘Make Up Your Mind ‘ as its youthful, chirpy indie/pop at it’s best. Extremely catchy with a pulsy and vibrant chorus sequence. It’s quite simply a song that won’t fail to give you a buzz and lighten up your day, it’s the new wave of Indie/Pop at it’s finest. Make up your mind people?! Find out more about The Albion at their Facebook page (click HERE)

My recommendation goes to Anna Pancaldi

This songstress has recently appeared on my radar after her music was recommended by another musician. It was her vocal abilities and great tone than stood out for me. I can’t wait to hear her new EP ‘Black Tears’ which is due to be released. Find out more about Anna at her website and give her music a listen, you might just like it.

I really enjoyed listening to other bloggers recommendations and I hope you do too. I enjoyed writing this post so much that I would like to do this more over the year and get other people involved. This way we can share more great music that needs to be heard.

Remember that music is not just about listening because if you become a fan then you should also show your support. This is by purchasing the music, going to gigs, purchasing merchandise and spreading the word especially with your social media sites. This way your favourite musicians/bands can continue releasing more music which and perform more shows which is what the fans want. It’s a symbiotic relationship where music is the winner. Go on, support the music that matters to you!