Mark Ridout & The Rhythm

12507301_10154048125088296_2384078498340407265_n I want to take the time to introduce you all to the music of Mark Ridout & The Rhythm who I discovered while on holiday in Brighton. I heard someone one singing along with their acoustic guitar and when I investigated further found out it was Mark Ridout. I noticed that he was selling CD’s for his band so I thought going off the strength of one song I would take a gamble and make a purchase of his EP ‘Dive into the Water’.

Before I talk about the EP I want to tell you a little more about this group of musicians. Mark Ridout (vocals/guitar) is no stranger to music as this London born musician has previously released ‘Writing in the Sand’ (2011) and ‘Shen’ (2012). But now he has banded together with Damian Cambell (drums) and Jamie Birrel (Bass) to create a trio that wants to share their happy vibes with the world. Their music is described as a blend of folk, roots and reggae which they say is inspired by ‘true love, travel and spirituality’. To get a better glimpse into the world of Mark Ridout & the Rhythm I decided to get in touch with the guys to see if they would like to answer a few questions. Mark was kind enough to get involved and this is what he had to say:

Who or what inspired you to get into the world of music and which musicians have influenced your sound?

My earliest memory of being truly inspired to be a musician is running to grab a tennis racket whilst me and my family were watching a Billy Joel live video. I was pulling out all my newly found air guitar moves! Over the years artists such as John Martyn, Tool, Soja and Brett Dennen have helped shaped my sound and songwriting. amongst others, too many to name!

You have an impressive lyrical talent, is this an important element when writing new music?

Thanks a lot. I’ve always felt lyrics were a strength of mine. And I definitely feel a purpose in the message I want to sing and put out there. That being of positivity, self growth and love in all its facets. Having said that in the process lyrics always come after the music and vocal melody. They are written to fit the hooks.

Talking about writing songs, which is your favourite from your EP and why?

Tough question but there’s a certain something about the song ‘dive into the water’. it really carries my message with the type of feel and essence of joy that I want to be sharing. But there’s still a whole heap of emotion, passion and drive in this song. There’s solid melodies from different genres, a super fun articulate groove, and its simplicity really connects with an audience.  People love it. More so than any other song I’ve written I think, so that’s the clearest way to choose for me, the audiences reaction. How well have they connected with the song? Is it my favourite ? I don’t know, but I believe its my best.

You travel a lot for your music so what are 3 albums are a must for you when on the road and why?

On this trip I’ve been listening to:

A The war on drugs : lost in a dream

B Bruce Springsteen’s best of ,  as I off to see him at Wembley!

C My ROCK Spotify playlist I’ve been compiling of 90s and early 2000s rock.

What are you future plans and goals for your music?

My immediate plans are to to promote my new Ep I’m very proud of. To keep playing and playing live to people. To keep enjoying and being in a state of openness and appreciation, connecting with people and sharing my uplifting energy I feel when singing. Longer term goal is to sell out Red Rocks in Arizona! Haha

‘Dive into the Water’ EP is a collection of songs that is perfect for the summer with its relaxing sound that makes you smile with its happy vibes. I was originally attracted to this bands music thanks to the vocals from Mark, but it is their overall sound that steals the show for me. It reminds me of a blend of Jack Johnson meets The John Butler Trio
because of its laid back style of folk/reggae and a little soul which is I can’t get enough of. There must be great musical chemistry between the guys as they seem to blend together effortlessly to create this sound. Check out the song ‘Full of Love’ as this is a great example of the guys at work because of its cool acoustic vibe, funky bass and toe tapping beats.

When you listen to my favourite song ‘Comfort and Glory’ you get a superb showing of the vocal talent that Mark has to offer. He showcases a tender tone which has a captivating warmth about it that is used to deliver some beautiful lyrics. Throughout the EP he sings with a nice variation in tempo but maintains an honest and natural tone that helps to make the overall sound from the band. I must quickly add that the lyrics are a nice collection of stories full of love, hope and happy times. Overall, this is a great collection of songs that deserves your attention.

I have done enough talking about why you should listen to this EP, so all I will say is head over to the Bandcamp page of Mark Ridout & the Rhythm (click HERE) to listen to the EP in full. The music will speak for itself! If you really enjoy what you hear then you can also purchase a copy while you are there.

I know I’ve only recently discovered the music of Mark Ridout & the Rhythm but I hope it’s not too long before my ears listen to something new from the guys. As I am following Mark on Facebook and Twitter then I will find out when this will happen. These are also great places to find out about future shows and this information can also be found on the website Don’t forget, if you are liking what you hear then help spread the word about Mark Ridout & the Rhythm today!