Lyonn will Light the Sky

I recently had the opportunity to speak to Tyler Gelrud from the band Lyonn. During this interview, we spoke about a change in dynamics as his solo act became a band with the addition of Attila Yavuzer. Together they were working on their new EP ‘We’ll Light The Sky’ which would deliver an improved sound to the listener. Well, this EP has been released and I was curious to hear how it sounded after these changes.

If I am completely honest I was excited and nervous about hearing ‘We’ll Light The Sky’ EP as I have followed Tyler’s music from his debut release ‘Knivsta’. There was something about his acoustic sound that caught my attention and when I was told about these changes I hoped it would be for the best. Well, I had nothing to worry about as this is a very impressive release. What I liked about ‘We’ll Light The Sky’ is that it keeps the foundations of what Tyler has brought to his previous releases but now its overall sound is now much stronger. Tyler has always spoken so highly of Attila’s production skills and this has helped to give ‘We’ll Light The Sky’ a more professional finish to its overall sound. I personally feel that it has helped to take the music of Lyonn to the next level.

From the start of the EP you hear this new musical arrangement at work with the song ‘Empty Bed’. You really appreciate the various musical layers on this song which is supported by emotionally filled vocals that tell a tale about missing that special someone. Next up is the title track ‘We’ll Light the Sky’ which has a soft electro feel that I find relaxing. This track has few vocals but it give the opportunity to show off how good Lyonn have developed musically. ‘Shining Eyes’ surprised me with its upbeat sound that screams summer anthem. I’m used to slower songs from Lyonn but I am really liking what they have done here and hope they deliver more like this in the future. Last up is the track ‘Iceberg’ which featured on Lyonn‘s debut release and I was curious to hear this updated version. I have a lot of love for the original version of the song but this one sounds so much better in a way I did not expect. It still keeps that haunting feel and wonderful vocals but musically is where it really excels. This was and still is my overall favourite song created by Lyonn and this version shows exactly how much stronger the music has become. Congrats guys on making a great song even better!

Overall, this is by far the best collection of songs from Lyonn and their future is looking great. The new musical direction and collaboration will definitely catch more people’s attention as well as new fans. Do yourself a favour and head over to their Bandcamp site (click HERE) to listen to ‘We’ll Light The Sky’ EP in full. You can also grab a copy of the EP while you are there.

I am already looking forward to hearing more from the new collective sound of Lyonn as I’m confident that their sound will get even stronger. As these two musicians get a better understanding of each others musical strengths then it will result in something really special.

If you want to follow the musical adventures of Lyonn then you can either visit their website at or visit their social media sites at Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to say hello to them as I can confirm they are awesome guys who are fun to chat with.

As always, musicians can only continue doing what they love with the support of their fans. If you are enjoying the music from Lyonn as much as me then help spread the word about them. Go on, support the music that matters to you today & hopefully this will include the music from Lyonn!