Lullwater Revival

Lullwater are BACK! Last year I introduced you all to this bands self titled album (see post Interview Lullwater) which delivered a no nonsense rock sound, showing that Lullwater meant business. Since the release of this album over 2 years ago the guys have been touring like crazy while building a reputation of being a hard working independent band. It is their commitment to passion, honesty, drive, perseverance, and integrity that continues to fuel their engine which is why they have an ever growing loyal fan base that respect not only what they do but also love to rock out at their live shows. John Strickland (Lead Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar), Brett Strickland (Lead Guitar), Roy “Ray” Beatty (Bass) and Joe Wilson (Drums) have returned with their follow up album ‘Revival’.

‘Revival’ like the album before, was recorded using analog tape because the band says there is nothing quite like it. They prefer this method due to is unique and vintage sound as it captures a more genuine feel to their music. For me, this is one of the many qualities why Lullwater standout from the legions of rock bands that are out there today. If you want to learn a little more about how the album came together then check out John Strickland’s interview on Revelator Show (check it out HERE, contains some rock n’ roll language ). This is a great show too, I highly recommend you check it out if you are a fan of rock music.

What Lullwater have created with ‘Revival’ is a different breed of rock monster than their debut. This beast roars louder, hits harder and takes no prisoners. I was expecting them to raise their game a little but I did not expect this and I LIKE IT! I was hooked on this album when I first listened to it but with every listen since then I keep finding new things that makes this album stand out more and more. This is a credit to the guys songwriting ability.

From the start ‘Evenline’ shows off this new sound that comes at you full throttle! When listening to this album it offers a heavier rock sound that feels influenced by 90’s grunge rock bands including Pearl Jam and Nirvanna. This is great as personally this is when rock was so damn good! Maybe this is why I am absolutely loving this album! I normally like to identify certain elements of the music that stand out for me, but to do that with this album is not possible as everyone has brought their A-Game on this release with infectious bass lines, thunderous drumming, amazing riffs and killer vocals! A great example of this is the title track ‘Revival’ which has a great balance of tempo with everything else I mentioned earlier. I do need to quickly mention John’s vocals as I’m not sure what has changed since the debut release but his vocal power and control are so much stronger giving us something really impressive!

As you can tell, I am a huge fan of this album and can probably guess that picking my favourites was no easy task. I’ve already mentioned ‘Revival’ as a highlight track but I also want to mention the song ‘Ruin the Roses’. This is an epic 10 minute long song that has some amazing instrumentals that grab me with every listen. It great to hear a band that goes with the flow and not to stick to the usual timescales that you normally expect. My favourite song has to be ‘Let me out’, I absolutely love the guitar and drums on this one. This is full throttle song which eases off mid way to let you catch your breath before it comes back into overdrive. Seriously epic rock song!

Revival is hands down the best rock album I have heard this year. The reason I rate this album so highly is that the guys are not following musical trends or creating a sound to fit into mainstream music. They have created something that is rock in it’s truest form. I am so glad that the guys have created Revival the way they have as it has helped restore my faith in rock music which if I’m honest was starting to lose it’s way. I strongly recommend that you check out the ‘Revival’ album which can be heard in full from their Soundcloud page. Once you are done, head over to Lullwater’s store (click HERE) to buy this must have album! Alternatively, you can purchase it from the usual online stores like Amazon and iTunes. If you are a fan of no nonsense rock then you NEED the music of Lullwater in your collection today.

If you want to find out more about the band including upcoming gigs then check out their website at Alternatively, head over to their social media sites at Facebook and Twitter.

Lullwater are one of the hardest working rock bands that I know and they still have time for their fans. We should show our support by purchasing their music, going to gigs and spreading the word about their music. Go tell the world about Lullwater TODAY!