‘Love at War’ from Silverside

Regular readers may recognise the name Silverside as they have been featured on my site before (see post Introducing Silverside). Their previous releases (Motions and Framework EP) had to become a part of my collection because of the killer vocals and overall rock sound.

Dan Zemanek (vocals/guitar/bass) and Steve Zywica (percussion) are back with a new album called ‘Love at War’. The new release has the same foundation as their previous album ‘Motions’ by bringing us their trademark rockin’ sound. There has been some improvement to their song writing ability, but this is an album when if it isn’t broke then don’t try to fix it. This is a good thing as the guys have a great sound using a formula that works for them. As expected, Dan brings us his amazing vocal talent which has continued to impress me with each release. He delivers this likeable tone which shows off his great vocal control and range. Again, this is supported by catchy hooks, great riffs and foot stomping beats. Good old fashion rock foundations. My only issue with this album is that I wished they brought some of their softer sound which they gave us from their ‘Framework EP’ as it would have given the album a good balance of what they can deliver.

This is a solid album with each track strong enough to hold its own. My personal highlights include ‘She’s Electric’ and ‘The Other Side of Me’ but it is ‘Lonestar’ that steals the show. ‘Lonestar’, which was first included on the ‘Framework’ EP, was a highlight for me then, but the addition of the female vocals has put a fresh spin on an already impressive song. I highly recommend that you head over to their Bandcamp page (click HERE) and listen to this album in full. You can also grab a copy of ‘Love at War’ while you are there as well as their debut release ‘Motions’.

I am already looking forward to more new music from Silverside and hope their next release shows off the two sides of the band with a good mix of acoustic and rockin’ tracks. I will continuing to follow the bands progress through their website at Silversidechago.tumblr.com as well as their social media pages at Facebook and Twitter. This is also great places to find out if they are playing any shows near you.

As always, music created by musicians/bands can only continue with the support of their fans. To do this, purchase the music and help spread the word of the music that matters to you. Hopefully, this will include the kick ass rockin’ sound from Silverside.