Lloyd Williams ‘Time’

Since starting this blog there has been a select group of musicians who have opened my mind to new sounds, and at the same time, have made me appreciate the hard work that musicians in general put into their music.

One of these artists is the singer songwriter Lloyd Williams. Lloyd is a talented musician who’s music I highly respect. I have spoken to him on many occasions and he is an artist who strives to keep his music honest.

Regular readers will find the name Lloyd Williams familiar as I supported his pledge project to fund his debut album. Unfortunately he was unsuccessful with his goal but this did not stop him as I am pleased to say that he has recently released his debut album called ‘Time’.

I have to admit from the first moment I heard this album was being made, I had high expectations as there is something special about the music that Lloyd creates. This album delivered everything I expected and more, I will also add that it is his best work to date.

This album has an acoustic folk soul that continues to confirm the talent that this artist possesses. Lloyd has this ability with the guitar to create a melody that is filled with emotion that is difficult to resist. There is a track on the album called ‘No Silence Left’ which is an instrumental track where you can listen to the captivating sound that he produces. This music is supported by his delicate vocals which at times adds a haunting tone to the lyrics that he delivers. I do feel that both his vocals and his writing have improved, maybe this is due to his experience since his last release.

There are many great tracks, but two of the highlights of the album have to be ‘Station’ and ‘Paint by Numbers’. Both tracks showcase the the depth of his song writing ability with the a sound that you can’t help but feel.

My favourite track has to be ‘learnt nothing’ which has a beautiful melody that is supported by some delicate vocals and mesmerising finger picking. The song tells  the simplistic tale about how it doesn’t matter what I have learnt in life, you just want that special someone. I can help but absorb the music on this track, it sounds so good.

I will admit, reviewing this album has been difficult to do, as sometimes the way I feel about the music I enjoy I can’t always put it into words. All I can say is that this is a great album and one that deserves the attention that I’m sure it will receive.

I had the opportunity to ask Lloyd a few questions about his debut album, his favourite track and his plans for the future.

What was your goal when you began to create the album?

The goal was to try and make an album completely acoustic with no overdubs or digital sounds or aid. Not that I’m a purist but I just wanted to do it for my own sanity that I can fill the sonic space of a record without any help from a computer. Also why we mixed it analogue. So apart from the last track which has a electric e bow, it’s all guitar banjo, or strings. With minimal drums.  The goal was also to work on the songs and lyrics really hard, it would take the listener some listens but there are common themes running through the lyrical content, and that’s something i worked hard on.

How did you feel when you first heard the album in full?

‘When I first heard the album in full I was happy and concerned. I realised it’s probably the saddest and slowest record I have made.  It’s moves in texture but stays on the down beat for the entire album, it’s not an album for a happy summers day BBQ down the beach or at a party, so I’m sure the people who will get the most from it are those who’s sit and listen to the lyrics and songs. To be honest most of the music I listen to is like that anyway. Which is why I’m mostly quite a happy person as all the depression and angst comes out in the music. I’m working on the next album at the moment and it’s going to be harder and more upbeat. But still in same vein as the stuff I write. Maybe a lot more stripped back in places.’

What is your favourite track off the album and why?

‘My favourite track is track 3, painting my numbers. It’s about the reflection of someone looking back over their life, the lyrics are really strait and simple, and that’s sometimes the hardest stuff to write. Anyone can open up a dictionary but on the rare occasion you get a narrative over in song form simply it’s rewarding.   Also the piano part at the end which Tom and Chris both wrote in the studio gets me every-time I hear it. It’s so nice when someone adds something to your song you would not have thought of.’

What do you have planned for the future? Can we expect more from Autumn Red?

‘I feel like I’ve got so many songs and i just want to get them out there.  This is my first solo album, and I feel the next ones are going to get stronger. I don’t make diaries I write songs, and I’m more than happy with the small but loyal fan base I have, of course I want more people to hear it, but feel at the moment people feel a connection that if It started to grow would be lost.  So I’m happy to build things slow, and get a nice bunch of songs recorded, this next album has to be done faster, as the process of the last one was too long, definitely some mistakes learnt.’

I am so happy that the finished album delivered more than I expected. If you have enjoyed the tracks as much as I have, then I recommend you go listen to his album in full then go grab yourself a copy here. I am already looking forward to the next album and when it’s released, expect to read about it here.

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