Little Brother Eli Round 2

I have previously featured music from Little Brother Eli (see post Introducing Little Brother Eli) on my site as their raw bluesy rock blew me away. This sound is thanks to the collective effort of Alex Grew (vocals), Josh Rigal (bass), Linus Taylor (guitar), Adam Stowe, (guitar) and Benji Page (drums). I have described the band as having a raw bluesy rock sound, but it is difficult to pigeon hole them.  They describe themselves as having: ‘a sound that brings Jack White or the Black Keys to mind, Little Brother Eli take strong and powerful vocals, growling guitar lines and gritty, biting solos to create their own twist on Alternative Rock’. What I can say is that what they have created sounds damn good!

In 2014 the band used the fan funding website Kickstarter to help release 3 new singles and I was pleased that this goal was easily achieved.

So, how did these 3 new singles sound? First of all, WOW!!! Secondly, they showed a growth to their sound which was less raw and more focused. I expected some growth in their songwriting, but what I was listening to exceeded my expectations. Every element to the Little Brother Eli sound has been fine tuned to deliver an improved sound and killer vocals that will captivate you. Here are my mini reviews for each song:

‘Who do you?’ is my personal favourite out of the 3 songs because of its awesome intro which has heavy drums and great riffs. When Alex’s voice kicks in with a bluesy vocal style then the song becomes complete. This is such an EPIC track which has the essence of this band all wrapped up in one song. I would love to hear this track performed live as I imagine it would be a huge crowd pleaser!

‘Dreams’ shows off Alex’s full vocal talent as he not only demonstrates the great range he possesses, but he also gives us a cool sounding rap which fits the song well. No surprise, the band sound great as always by providing an infectious energy throughout the track.

‘Hanging’ sounded familiar to me but it had a fuller sound and some great guitar work on show. I then realised that this song was a bonus live track from their previous release. I much prefer this version which has a more edgy and bluesy soul to it.

Overall, these 3 songs have cemented that Little Brother Eli are a band that mean business and deliver a sound that will take no prisoners. If you love music with a bluesy rock soul with a few other genres mixed in for additional flavour then their music is for you! Head over to any online music store and download these songs today, you will not be disappointed!

It is great to hear that the guys are playing The Great Escape Festival this year as I will be going and I will finally get to see this awesome band perform live! Expect to read about it when I review the festival later in the year.

If you want to find out more about the band and their future gigs then head over to their website at You can also find out more on their social media sites at Facebook and Twitter where you can say hello as they are cool guys to chat to.

I am already eager to hear more music from Little Brother Eli as I now get the feeling that the guys still have more to offer. Until this happens I will continue to support their music as this is what’s fans are meant to do. Remember, by supporting the music that matters to you, musicians can continue to create more amazing music. I trust this support will now include the amazing sound from Little Brother Eli.