Light Runs After Us by Speak Brother

12795514_1155930651134111_4603269517994845409_nI have been waiting since 2014 for Speak Brother to return with some new music and I’m glad to say they are back! James Herring (vocals, guitar) Matt Cotterill (piano, keyboards) and Nath Morris (bass, percussion) have returned with their new EP ‘Light Runs After Us’. Their debut self titled release back in 2014 sounded so good that I had to show my support by featuring it here (see post Introducing Speak Brother). This EP showcased a fantastic songwriting talent and stunning vocal abilities which were supported with a wonderful folk/rock sound. I was excited to hear how their music had developed between releases.

‘Light Runs After Us’ is another short offering from the guys but it’s one of those releases which is about the quality instead of the quantity. From the start ‘Slow to Now’ gently eases you in with a delicate finger picking style on guitar start before James comes in with an equally delicate tone. This song feels like a natural progression from their previous release but you can also hear the fine tuning they have made and how their sound has developed. The next song ‘Lions Roar’ is a great example of how their music has grown as it has an inspirational sound with a chorus that will motivate and you can understand why it was commissioned as Rugby Town’s official song during the Rugby World Cup. ‘The Morning Calls Your Name’ returns to the honest and heartfelt sound that never fails to impress me with Speak Brother. They have this great ability to create this type of sound that is mesmerising. The EP finishes off with my favourite song called ‘See for Miles’. I really like how this song is stripped right back and focuses on James’ vocals with a piano as support. The two blend together to give the listener an honest and soulful performance which I could listen to all day. Such a beautiful song!

Overall, this is another great collection of songs that show that Speak Brother are a band that deserve attention. It’s hard to resist their sound when it is carefully arranged to set the stage for their heartfelt lyrics to be shared with the listener by stunning vocals/harmonies,  If this sounds like your kind of music then you should head over to their Soundcloud page (click HERE) to listen to this EP in full. If your ears like what they are hearing then you can purchase it from their store (click HERE) or alternatively you can grab a copy from the usual online stores like Amazon or iTunes.

I am really hoping that I will not have to wait too long for more new music from the guys as I want to hear more even though they have just released this EP. If you want to find out more about the band or their future gigs then head over to their website at You can also find then on their social sites at Facebook and Twitter.

As a fan of music I will do what I can to spread the word about the music that matters to me. This is really important when it comes to unsigned and independent musicians/bands as they need this help for their music to grow. So if you are listening to the music of Speak Brother and you are now a fan then don’t forget to tell the world all about them today!