Lee Gordon – Beach House EP

Earlier in the year I introduced you all to the music of Lee Gordon (see Introducing Lee Gordon) and now I’d like to take the opportunity to talk about him a little more. In my original review I talked about how his outstanding single ‘Beach House’ was such a great piece of song writing that I couldn’t help talking about it a lot on my social media sites. Well, Lee is back with his new EP of the same name.

‘Beach House’ EP is everything I was hoping to be and maybe a little more, as his song writing talents still surprise me (in a good way). As my previous feature highlighted, Lee has an amazing voice that I rate very highly and I compare his style to the likes of Glen Hansard and Jeff Buckley. The reason for this is the emotional depth he delivers with his voice that has so much soul it’s like wearing his heart on his sleeve. No song shows this more than my personal favourite ‘Goodbye’ which is about the loss of his mother. The way he opens up to share his honest words is sad but it also feels like a homage to a very special lady. His words are supported by a low key guitar style that is subtle and simple to fit the mood perfectly. This song speaks to me on so many levels not only as a fan of music but also on a personal level and it is this connection that makes this song stand out for me. The majority of the songs are all about his loss but I do not look at this release in a saddened way, instead it makes me think about the people I have lost with fond memories. Music is about personal interpretation (like any art) and this is what I take from ‘Beach House’ EP.

All of the songs are written to a high calibre and its hard not to appreciate these standards within his lyrical and musical arrangements, I will be surprised if it doesn’t get him the attention he deserves. When you listen to the other highlights from the album called ‘Waste’ and ‘Beach House’ (mentioned in the previous post) you can hear and understand why I rate this songwriter so highly. I must mention Lee’s cover of Marvin Gaye’s ‘Let’s Get it On’. This is one of those songs that is so iconic that if a musician decides to cover it then they need to avoid imitation and make it their own. Personally I feel he definitely achieves this as he gives us a very good version which has the Lee Gordon stamp on it.

Before this EP was released I had high expectations, so high I thought it could potentially be one of my favourite releases of the year and it is. I know I have been saying this a lot about many albums/eps which have been featured on my site but this is one of four releases (at time of writing) that are serious contenders for my favourite release of 2016. But I guess we will have to wait and see. Check out the YouTube and Soundcloud pages of Lee Gordon to listen to more of his music to understand why I am such a big fan. Then grab yourself a copy from his website at LeeGordonMusic.com or from the online stores of Amazon and iTunes. The EP is officially released on 30th September but you can pre-order at the sites I mentioned earlier.

As a fan of supporting the music that matters to me then I will be spreading the word about the music of Lee Gordon. So, get your self over to his social media sites to tell the world all about his him. If you want to find out a bit more about this talent musicians then visit his website at LeeGordonMusic.com or his social media sites at Facebook and Twitter. These are also great places to find out about new music and upcoming shows.

So, if you are now a fan then tell the world about Lee Gordon TODAY!