The Kitchen Tapes from Robert J Hunter

Robert J Hunter is back with a new collection of songs for your listening pleasure, and as a fan I had to help spread the word about it. These new songs give us something a little different as they are home recordings of this talented musician and his guitar giving us the most natural showing of his musical talent.

If you have not heard of Robert J Hunter then I will give you a quick guide about him and his music. This Alderney born musician has been involved with music since he was young and has been involved in various musical projects. February 2014 saw the release of his debut solo EP Blistering Soul which he followed up in February 2015 with the impressive album ‘Songs for the Weary’. This was received to great reviews and the single from it ‘Demons’ reached number one in the UK iTunes Blues Chart. With momentum in his favour, he released the album ‘Before the Dawn’ (November 2015) which continues to showcase his gift as a songwriter and talented guitarist. You can read my reviews of his album by clicking the album names. His live shows have also been receiving amazing reviews as they have been described as energetic and not to be missed.

The Kitchen Tapes EP’s have been released in two parts as Vol 1 and Vol 2 (each release offering three brand new songs). These were recorded live in his dirty kitchen (his words not mine) in a few hours and showcase what he describes as ‘something a little bit different from me stylistically. I’ve tried to capture my songwriting in it’s purest form‘. As a fan of the blues the way these songs have been recorded give us the true homage to the blues which is to create music that has a raw honesty to it’s sound.

The two EP’s offer something a little different to the other as Vol 1 is more edgier in its sound while Vol 2 has a more laid back blues vibe. There might be a slight difference in the EP’s sound but both offer what makes Robert’s music stand out for me which is his guitar skills and his amazing vocal style. Let’s talk about his awesome guitar skills first. When you listen to his song ‘When Winter Comes’ you get treated to a class on how to make a guitar sing. This is my favourite track from Vol 1 and when the song starts you are instantly introduced to some cool licks that bring a foot tapping groove to it. Throughout the song his guitar techniques are intricate and spellbinding while also giving us a wonderful bluesy feel. The vocals are superb on this song as well as on ‘River’ which is my favourite song on Vol 2. ‘River‘ has this old school laid back feel with a more restraint guitar style that lets Robert’s vocals and lyrical skills take the spotlight. As much as I like his powerful vocal style style this song shows that he can deliver a soft tone that is perfectly controlled. For me it adds something special to the song. Just give it a listen as the music will do the talking for itself.


I strongly recommend that you head over to his Bandcamp page (click HERE) to listen to these EP’s in full to appreciate the depth in talent that Robert possess as his songwriting style is all about the soul and how the music feels. When you are done, check out his other releases too as they do not disappoint. If your ears are happy with what they are listening to, then treat them by purchasing the music of Robert J Hunter, I’m sure they will thank you for it.

I know from speaking to Robert that there is more music on its way and I can’t wait to hear it when it’s ready. If you want to learn when these will be available or want to learn more about Robert J Hunter or his future gigs then you can head over to his website at Alternatively you can head over to his social media sites at Facebook and Twitter. If you agree with me that the music of Robert J Hunter is a must hear then don’t forget to help spread the world and tell the world all about his amazing bluesy sound today!