John Turrell is The Kingmaker

If you like you music with a honest natural soulful sound then let me introduce you to the music of John Turrell. You might recognise the name, as he is the vocals behind the amazing soul/funk band Smoove and Turrell which I have featured on the blog in the past (see post Smoove & Turrell).

John announced in September 2012 that he was going to start work on his debut solo album called ‘The Kingmaker’. When I heard this news I couldn’t wait to hear what soulful sound would release and I predicted  that; If you like your music with soul, then this is an album you will have to add to your collection. Was I right?

From the moment the album begins you can hear John’s amazing vocals at work on the track ‘In the City’ which captures the essence of the style of music he creates. The music is subtle but effective as it sets the mood to perfection for each song. The piano skills you hear are a great example of this as it creates the right atmosphere for John to deliver the lyrics. I also have to mention that it is good to hear some saxophone on an album (its a sexy instrument). Check out the tracks ‘The Temper’ and ‘Won’t be Fooled Again’ (epic sax playing) to hear the band in full swing.

John has teamed up with Nick Faber to work on this album and together they have created some amazing lyrics that are filled with an honest emotion. I feel these lyrics have been written from personal experiences that life brings. These lyrics are delivered by some outstanding vocals. John Turrell has this rare quality to sing with his heart on his sleeve, by this I mean he is not afraid to share the emotion of the song with his old school soulful vocal tone. He uses this to great effect throughout the album and helps to create the albums irresistible sound.

This is an album that is filled with so many great songs that is difficult to choose my favourite as they keep changing depending on my mood. The tracks that continue to stand out are ‘Won’t be fooled Again’ which shows a more funkier sound to the album and that sexy saxophone, and my favourite track, ‘Home’. When I heard this performed live earlier in the year it has such a wonderful soulful sound with a timeless feel to it. The honest track talks about the temptations when being away from home but remembering what you have at home. For me, John’s vocals do not get any better than on this track.

This is a great album full of Northern Soul that deserves the attention that it is getting and I can not recommend it highly enough. This will be my soul album of the year because I have heard nothing that comes close to the sound that this album produces and I don’t think there will be an album to challenge this. Have a listen, enjoy and support the music of John Turrell.