Jeremy Squires – When will you go

Earlier in the year I introduced you all to the music from the talented Americana singer songwriter Jeremy Squires. This artist’s style of music has become a great addition to my ever growing music collection and you can find out more on my previous post Introducing Jeremy Squires.

This self taught musician uses his own personal experiences and puts them into words to create a music style that shares his soul to his listeners. He has already released 2 albums and an EP to great reviews and now he has released his new album ‘When will you go’.

When I first heard the whole album it struck me how talented this artist truly is as he consistently writes great music that continues to feel so honest. His technique for crafting lyrics is a lesson for other songwriters out there, which you can read for yourself on his Bandcamp page. His words contain a lyrical emotion that provoke memories making the music easier to relate to which is a credit to his wordsmith ability.

The way Jeremy’s vocals and guitar blend together to deliver his music and words never fails to impress me. This winning combination makes me connect with his music and this is what makes his music so special. I do feel that his guitar skills have stepped up on this release as it feels more confident which makes it sound more personal. My highlights from the album include ‘Like a Thief in the Night’ and the title track ‘When will you  go’ which both demonstrate the sound I’ve been describing. The stand out track has to be ‘Oblivious’ which has this delicate sound which Jeremy’s vocals sound so good and the layers in the music with the guitars are wonderful to listen to. This is another great release from this talented musician.

Jeremy was kind enough to take part in this post and answer a few questions about his new album. This is what he had to say:

How did you feel when you first heard the final version of ‘When Will you go’?

Honestly I’m never fully satisfied with anything I do but when I listened to the final version of When Will You Go… I was both relieved and happy with the outcome. I think part of the reason why is because I had some really great musicians contribute to a few of the songs and it made them feel complete to me.

After such great previous releases, did you find it difficult to write this follow up album?

No, not at all. I felt very inspired when writing the songs for this album and it came naturally.  I’m always writing songs and a lot of  times I actually put aside more than I end up keeping but with this album I feel like the whole thing tells a story.

You guitar skills sound great on this album, you seem a lot more confident in your playing ability.

Thanks so much. I wouldn’t say that I’m more confident, it’s just that the songs are different.  I’m always exploring different acoustic sounds and I wanted this album to be more sparse. I played banjo and used my old Stratocaster on the first song titled “Gleaming” to switch things up a bit so I wouldn’t feel to comfortable. I feel that when you get to comfortable it takes away from the vulnerability of a song and it’s almost like going through the motions.

What is your favourite song from the new album and why?

Probably either “I Am Still Here” or “Echoes”. Both tracks stand out to me from the rest of the album. Both of the songs have to deal with battling personal demons and mental illness and both are very strong vocally and musically.

I highly recommend that you check out the album ‘When will you go’ and if you like what you hear then check out his previous releases by heading over to his Bandcamp page. If you want to find out more about Jeremy Squires then go to his website at or his Facebook and Twitter pages for gig updates, future music releases and much more. As always, if you like the music of Jeremy then help spread the word by telling everyone. Support the music!