Jeremy Squires Shadows


I am so happy to bring you news that Jeremy Squires is back and he has brought his new album ‘Shadows’ with him. If you are not aware of what Jeremy offers with his music then you’ve been missing out, but I will give you a quick introduction. This self-taught singer songwriter is best known for his haunting melodies and honest lyrics which are at times like personal journals from tough periods of his life. During his time as a solo musician he has released Place to Hide (January 2012), In the Dark (May 2012), Central Nervous Station EP (2013) and When Will You Go (2013). All of which have been featured, see posts Introducing Jeremy Squires and When Will You Go.

Jeremy is one of the most honest singer songwriters I have had the pleasure of listening to and he is very open even when he talks about his music. I had the chance to ask him about his new EP and as you can see from his answers, he is open about the process and the experiences which resulted in his latest offering. This is what he had to say:

What were your goals when working on your new album ‘Shadows’?

I didn’t plan on setting any goals with this album. It isn’t a part of my process. But unfortunately  things happened during the writing and recording of this album that morphed the songs and meanings Into a new direction and I wanted this album to be darker and to reflect on that.

During the process of putting this album together, what were the highs and lows?

This album was recorded two years ago with the exception of “Carry You” during this time my wife of 13 years left and my mother passed away which ultimately changed my perspective on this album. So the lows would be that. The highs would be that out of all of the loss. I gained a sense of clarity and I could be brutally honest In these songs.

How did it feel when you heard the final version of the album?

In truth I never thought that this album would be released. I felt almost as if it were cursed. Recording this album was a challenging journey. So when I finally heard the finished version I was a bit relieved and I felt a burden lifted. I was grateful enough to have  Derek “Doc” Feldman help me to release this album Via Shaker Steps and make it a reality. So I am extremely excited about what happens next.

What is your favourite song from this release and why?

That would be “Carry You”. After the demise of my marriage I started a brand new relationship and I tried to start my life over. I sacrificed myself and all that I had to help this person to ultimately be devastated. This song to me articulately explains what it’s like to “Carry” the weight of a person or loved one and have them wrap you up in their own shit. What I also like about this song is the listener can interpret the meaning and words In their own unique way.

Now the album is released, what are your future goals for your music?

I am currently finishing up a new album titled “Collapse”. I plan on playing a lot more shows this year and possibly doing a European tour next summer.

‘Shadows’ is another open book into Jeremy’s world and I’m impressed with how he can consistently write songs which are so personal and have such an emotional depth to them. Personally for me, most of the best songs are about heartache or pain as there is something honest about them that you can relate to from your own personal experiences and Jeremy is not afraid to talk about this during this release. I have nothing but respect for songwriters like this who open themselves up for the world to see and it is what makes them great musicians. The main reason I became a fan of the music by Jeremy Squires is his gift as a wordsmith. The depth and emotion within his songs are described well because of his lyrical skills which you can’t help but fixate on because of his story telling ability. A great example of this is the song ‘Carry You’ which is a personal highlight. Jeremy gave his explanation of the song during the interview and I agree when he says that the ‘listener can interpret the meaning and words In their own unique way’ as with each listen I translated the song in different ways.

What helps to make his words sound so good is the way they are delivered as Jeremy’s tone is as honest as his lyrics. His raw and natural vocals connects to each song which reflects the personal attachment to his words. I love how his tone is gentle and flows effortlessly throughout the album to ensure a grounded feel. This is also the same with the musical arrangement which adds the right atmosphere on each song to perfection. I love his gentle guitar style which seems to mimic his vocal style and it’s beautiful to listen to.

Overall, this is a short EP but it has so much to offer with an honestly within it’s lyrics which is told with a great emotional tone. All I can say is give this EP a listen and you will understand why this is a wonderful collection of songs. Head over to his Bandcamp page (click HERE) to listen to it in full and when you do also check out the stunning song ‘Alone’. While you are there take the time to listen and appreciate my overall favourite song ‘Hourglass’. This song is not only a perfect example of great songwriting which talks about a journey of him growing up but also how open he can be with his music.

While you are visiting his Bandcamp page you can also check out his previous works which feature so many musical gems. If you like what you are listening to then you can purchase his music while you are there.

I can’t wait to hear the new album from Jeremy when it gets released. I am expecting a high standard as he has always creates music of a high calibre. Expect me to feature this album when it becomes available. If you can not wait until then and want to get updates about the new release, future gigs or want to learn more about Jeremy Squires then head over to his website at You can also check out his social media sites at Facebook and Twitter. If you are now a fan of this talented musicians work then don’t forget to tell the world about the music of Jeremy Squires today!