Jeremy Loops Trading Change

Last year I was introduced to the infectious happy music of Jeremy Loops while I was researching the Great Escape Festival in Brighton. As soon as I heard his track ‘Power’ I knew I was listening to something special.

Jeremy Loops is a South African born musician who blends great vocals, guitars and ukulele with his crazy looping style to create this fresh cool sound. Its hard to define the genre or style of music he produces as he mashes together so many different sounds, but the end result is something that is definitely his own. Jeremy does not do this alone as he has his friends Motheo Moleko (rapper) and Jamie Faull (saxophone) to help create a sound that never fails to make me smile.

Jeremy has recently released his debut full length album ‘Trading Change’. When looking at the track listings for the new album I was a little concerned that all 6 tracks from his previous EP featured out of  the 12 tracks from this album. However when listening to these old tracks I noticed that they have been tweaked to give each track an improved overall sound. He also made some of my favourite songs sound even better when I didn’t think it was possible!

It’s difficult to describe this album without over using the words happy and upbeat as its filled with an irresistible positive vibe. Even the slower tracks have a positive spin. This is helped by Jeremy’s upbeat outlook on life and the outstanding sound that these talented musicians produce. This is the main reason that I am a fan as his music has to be heard but you also need to feel it too.

This album is packed with so many great great tracks which makes it difficult for me and other fans to choose their favourites. My favourite tracks from the previous EP still stand out for me and with the new additions to each song, they sound even better. These songs are ‘Power’ and ‘My Shoes’ as they always make me sing along with a huge smile on my face. He definitely has this amazing gift to write infectious sing along catchy lyrics.

From the new tracks my favourites include the wonderful duet between Jeremy and Adelle Nqeto on the track ‘Lonesome and Blue’. This version is so much better than when I heard Jeremy sing Adelle’s part in a high pitch tone, it made me laugh but the new version is definitely an improvement ha ha! The track ‘Trip Fox’ is a challenger to become my new favourite song from Jeremy as this song symbolises his music to me, when you listen to the lyrics you’ll understand why. I don’t think I’ve ever heard such a happy track that will make anybody smile. I was surprised to learn from a Facebook status from Jeremy, that this song almost didn’t make the album, really? This song is epic!

This is such a great release and needs to be in everyone’s music collection. I can’t wait for the summer to arrive as this music will sound even better in the sunshine. So far, the album is only available on iTunes (South African version) but it will be available worldwide later in the year. Visit his website at to find check out if he has a show near you as he will have CD’s available. A great show and CD’s, what more could you ask for?

I have decided to explain more about Jeremy Loops and the music he creates by asking another one of his fans. Let me introduce you all to Kelly Gowar who I know through Twitter, she is a huge fan of Jeremy’s music. I asked her a few questions about being a fan and the new album. This is what she had to say:

What was it about Jeremy’s music that made you a fan?

‘To be honest I had never even heard about Jeremy until late 2013. I was attending a music festival called “Park life” and a friend of mine said that I absolutely had to go and see this guy. Preshow I decided to check out who this elusive “Jeremy Loops” was and so I watched a couple of his YouTube videos. My first impression was “yea ok, he’s not too bad for a home-grown artist”. So I attended this music festival like a zombie as I was completely exhausted (having just completely my 6 year stint at University) and was blown away by Jeremy. When the first chords were stuck something changed in me, it felt like his music had revived my soul. I couldn’t stop smiling. I couldn’t stop dancing. It was such an amazing feeling!

So why am I a fan? I am a fan because his music fills me with delight; because he bends the rules of music and transforms sound into harmony. Because I know that this man and his music will change the way the people experience life.’

What is your thoughts about the new album?

‘This album has been worth the wait. I find it hard to put into words my thoughts about this album. I absolutely love this album from start to finish! There is a song for every person and one for every mood. Whether you need a pick me up on a sad day, something soulful to remember a lost love, a lyric to make as your mantra for the day, or mellow vibes for a lazy Sunday afternoon – there is a song for you on this album.

‘Trading Change’ is probably the only album I can listen to from start to finish and love every song. Asking me to pick a favourite is like asking a parent to pick their favourite child. It just can’t be done. I will say however that the two songs that I listen to the most are “Basil” and “Trip fox”. Basil because it awakens my wanderlust. The song makes me think to the future; it makes me want to travel and explore this beautiful planet of ours. Trip fox because it is the happiest song I have ever heard. It’s like happiness super nova time! You can’t help but smile at the lyrics. It’s sweet and sassy.’

Why should people check out his music?

‘I think everyone should check out Jeremy Loops because he does things differently. Every song is different. Each one has its own story which Jez shares with his fans on Facebook. This album can’t be boxed into one genre; it has everything – jazz, folk, rap, pop to name a few.

To music lovers everywhere: buy “Trading Change” because you haven’t lived until you have heard Jeremy Loops.’

This is such a great album that is filled with great songs and fun times. I’m sure between Kelly’s and my words then we should have you curious to investigate more about the talented Jeremy Loops. You can find out more at or you can head over to his social media sites at Facebook and Twitter.

Check out the music of Jeremy Loops today as ‘He’s coming for your frown, he’s got something to make you feel better!’ (from his song Trip Fox). That is the true words from the man himself!