JC Villafan – America’s for Dreamers

12239532_1248892041792966_7488612489198891676_nJC Villafan is a musician that I have been aware of for a while, but I have never really listened to his music properly until Alison Piron from Urban Soul asked me to check out his music. After listening to a few tracks from his new album ‘America’s for Dreamers’ I was instantly impressed with his lyrical talent and wondered why I’d never checked out his music properly until now. His music has this soulful charm that is shared by a wonderful vocal ability. The more songs I heard from JC the more of a fan I became.

So, who is JC Villafan? This Los Angeles based singer songwriter has been writing songs since he was 16 and has been busy fine tuning his songwriting while performing around Europe and the America. This has resulted in great reviews as well as his fan base growing like crazy. During this time he has released ‘Sweet Time EP’ (released 2012) and ‘I Still Believe EP’ (originally released in 2014 for pledgers but is due for general release later in 2016). Both these releases showcases his wonderful vocal talents that are used to let his lyrics shine. From these releases I highly recommend the songs ‘It don’t always come Easy’ (from Sweet Time EP) and ‘Believe’ (from I Still Believe EP).

JC has been busy working on his debut called ‘America’s for Dreamers’ which has recently been released and in my opinion is his best work to date. The soul of the album feels so personal so it came to no surprise to learn that this is because of the inspiration behind these collection of songs. JC says it is influenced by the tale of his pregnant mother climbing the fence separating Mexico from the United States with her husband back in 1991. This is all about the chance of a brighter future which the title track perfectly shares. This is my favourite song by far from the album as I love the positive message within the song as well as the details within his lyrics. For me, the connection you feel within this song (as well as the rest of them on the album) is why this musician stands out for me.

The rest of the album continues to showcase this honest connection which sounds so good because of his depth of lyrics and soulful tone which reminds me at times of the superb musician Babyface (which may came to a surprise to many that I am a huge fan). The song ‘Your Love’ is a perfect example of the comparison and compliment. I don’t actually think there is a weak track on this album as when I have listened to the album many times I did not get the urge to skip a song which credits how he has assembled each one to stand strong on its own. I do need to quickly mention that the unsung hero of this album is JC’s guitar as it can be as great to listen to as his voice. When you listen to the stand out song ‘You are Mine’ it is used to share this delicate tone which blends both a simplistic and intricate guitar style. Amazing.

‘America’s for Dreamers’ is an album that does not disappoint as it delivers nothing but wonderfully crafted songs that tell stories with an honest and soulful core. I recommend you check out more of his songs from this album as well as his previous releases on his YouTube channel (click HERE) and understand why JC Villafan is a musician that deserves your attention. If you like what you hear then head over to the usual online stores of iTunes and Amazon to grab a copy today!

While researching the music of JC it has been great to hear how his music and lyrical talent keeps getting stronger which makes me excited to hear what he will release in the future. Even though his album has recently been released I will be looking forward to what he will create next as I expect it will continue the trend and sound even stronger. As I am following him on his social media sites at Facebook and Twitter I will be able to find out about future releases and hopefully a show near to where I live. You can also find this information at his site JCVillafan.co.

Remember, if you like what you hear from JC Villafan then don’t forget to help spread the word about his music. Music this good NEEDS to be heard!