Jacko Hooper – After the Storm EP

It’s been way too long since we’ve had new music from the Brighton musician Jacko Hooper, but I am glad to say he is back with his new EP ‘After the Storm’. I have been a fan of this folk musician for a while now and this was thanks to his EP ‘For You’ which is a flawless collection of songs. Since becoming a fan I have added all of his previous releases to my collection which were featured on my review ‘Introducing Jacko Hooper’. He has an acoustic sound with an amazing lyrical depth that never fails to impress me especially how his vocals deliver so much emotion.


‘After the Storm’ EP still continues the trend where the last release left off by delivering a high calibre of music which guarantees to captivate the listener. As soon as the EP begins with the song ‘Time Will Tell Us Enough’ you instantly notice a change to his sound as he has added more layers to his music to give it a new depth which can be heard throughout each track. This has been helped with the use of various instruments including the piano (which adds so much) as well as some great sounding backing vocals. I do miss his stripped back acoustic sound but I have to admit, I’m really liking this new direction.

One thing that hasn’t changed is Jacko’s great vocal talents. Actually, they have changed as he has somehow improved on what was already impressive to me. The way he delivers an honest emotion to each song is still there but now there seems to be more control and improved technique as it flows to match the tone of each song to perfection.

My only issue with this EP is that with 4 songs it leaves me wanting more. Each one is so good that it stands out on its own strengths, for example ‘Time Will Tell Us Enough’ is a highlight of mine which showcases this new direction wonderfully and its lyrics are so infectious. Also the use of the piano is wonderful to hear! My favourite song ‘Words & Fears’ blends the new sound with the old, bit of both worlds so to speak. It’s all about the emotion tone with some cool skills on the guitar. Just kick back, press play and enjoy!

Overall ‘After the Storm’ EP is a new chapter in the story of Jacko Hooper and its good, really good! Take a trip to his Soundcloud page to listen to it in full (click HERE) and if you like what you hear as much as I do then grab a copy from iTunes or Amazon.

There is something about the way Jacko creates his music which has so much soul that will always have me excited to find out what he will create next. I do hope that he will get the opportunity to create a full album as I imagine it would be something special. If you want to find out if this will happen or want to find out more about Jacko Hooper including upcoming shows then check out his social media sites (at Facebook or Twitter), this is also a good place to say hello or tell him if you are a fan of his music. Talking about fans, if you really like what you hear from Jacko Hooper then don’t forget to tell the world about his music TODAY!