Jack Edward Love and Luck

Last year I introduced you all to Jack Edwards (see post Introducing Jack Edwards) who’s music is a blend of acoustic, rock, pop and blues. There was something about the diversity of his music, as well his wonderful lyrical depth that caught my attention. Well, Jack is back with his latest EP ‘Love and Luck’. This EP has continued the trend of an evolution of his sound with each release but still maintains the qualities that makes his music stand out. This new release had a different feel to it which I liked but I will talk more about it later in the review.

I got in touch with Jack to talk about his new EP and I am glad that he was more than happy to answer any questions I had. We talked about how the new EP was created, it’s new sound and more. This is what he had to say:

What were your goals when working on the EP ‘Love & Luck’?

I just wanted to create a record that spoke the truth: An EP that was true to how I perform live with my band and where I gave my honest take on things. I got sick of deliberating if this next batch of songs would be consistent with what I’ve released before, or if it’s what people would ‘expect’. It’s funny, but I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that I’m an artist that doesn’t really sit in one genre of music. I’m not a James Blunt, or a James Morrison. I can release a rock record and then follow it up with an acoustic EP, and I think people will respond to that because I’m putting out music that will honestly reflect what’s going on in my life. Life twists and turns, so why can’t music?

During the process of putting this EP together, what were the highs and lows?

We had a great time recording this EP. We recorded it with Leeds based producer Andy Hawkins at a church that’s been converted into a studio, about 10/15 minutes drive from Headingley. The space itself really inspired me to play. Andy has a no-bullshit approach and that gave us the confidence to push ourselves and be able to talk openly about the details as we went along, but not be afraid to can anything. I sang and played better than I ever have done in a studio, we all did. It shows in the muscularity of the record.

In the last few years, I’ve been dealing with a condition called Graves’ Disease. It’s a condition that affects my metabolism and has really slowed things down at certain points in the last few years. At times, battling this has been a cause of low points. But I’m determined to battle on, and I’m thankful to those who keep picking me up and dusting me off.

Your music has a different feel about it, was this your plan when working on the EP or did you go with the flow?

The way ‘Love & Luck’ has turned out is a result of how we’ve evolved as a live band. We’ve turned more ‘Rock’ since Eddie joined the band with another guitar instead of a keyboard. Eddie and I have worked hard to create a balance between our two guitar sounds. Eddie’s style is so refined and I’m a little more rugged – so I’ve settled into providing the rhythmic parts of songs and riffs, and he’s great at creating parts that support the vocal melodies.  I feel I’ve stripped back my songwriting too – I’m not so worried about chasing chord progressions and extensions and more concerned with fitting in that killer lyric…This is real life. It’s not all sun drenched beaches and iron birds in the sky! I’m influenced by Ryan Adams a lot, and lyrically, he gets right to the point. I admire that, and I’ve tried to do the same.

How did it feel when you heard the final version of the EP?

I was around in the studio as Andy was mixing the tracks before he sent them off for mastering. I was hanging about because I was interested in how he’d go through that process to achieve the kind of production we’d discussed. I could hear the tracks growing and taking shape as he was making his way through the mixes, and I was just beaming at the back of the room. It’s nice to walk away from a project and be whole heartedly excited about receiving the end product. I just knew we’d done a good job collectively.

I was in my car when I first heard the finished tracks, I was just so happy with the end result. I’ll always be proud of it, and knowing that is priceless to me.

What is your favourite song from this release and why?

I don’t have a favourite song on the ‘Love and Luck’ EP. You might expect me to say that, but I honestly don’t! I really enjoyed recording guitars and vocals for ‘The Wolf’. So I guess if I had to single one track out, it’d be that one.

Now the EP is released, what are your future goals for your music?

The bottom line for me is that I keep making music that I can be proud of. I’ll be out gigging and proudly pushing this EP. I hope people will identify with this record and come back for more. I already have ideas for the next release, so that one will be underway as soon as possible!

Now let’s talk about Jack Edwards new EP ‘Love and Luck’. I am going to get straight to the point and say this is by far his best work to date. The new sound is right up my street as it has a cool bluesy rock feel that shows with conviction what type of sound Jack wants to create. This is helped by his new band which includes Pete Darling (Bass/Vocals), Adam Swales (Drums) and Eddie Hil (Guitars). As soon as you hear the first song (which is the title track and my favourite) it showcases exactly what this EP has to offer. It has an edgy guitar driven pop sound that is infectious with a hook that does exactly what it is meant to do, it gets you singing along. Jack has always had a knack of moulding lyrics that have a depth but are still simple enough that it is so easy to sing along, an impressive element to his songwriting ability. These lyrics would be nothing without the right delivery and boy does Jack deliver. Personally, his voice is sounding better than ever, I’m impressed by the improved power and control it now possesses.

Musically, there is a serious bluesy feel to this EP, and at times I can hear influences of John Mayer and Joe Bonamassa who are favourites of both Jack and myself. You can hear this in another highlight called ‘Change my Way’. I guess this is a huge compliment to Jack and the way he has created the musical arrangement of each song.

Overall, this short 4 track EP is filled with catchy hooks, great guitar skills and an infectious bluesy rock sound that will grab your attention. I hope he has more songs like this up his sleeve and if he does then they will be joining my music collection. I highly recommend that you grab a copy of ‘Love and Luck’ EP from online stores of iTunes and Amazon, maybe grab his previous releases while you are there. If you need a little more convincing or wish to listen to more of Jack’s music then you can head to his Soundcloud page (click HERE).

It is always good to hear a songwriters music evolve and this has been the case with the music of Jack Edwards. I am looking forward to hearing what his future music will sound like, and as a fan I will be following his progress. If you would like to do the same then you can either head over to his website at JackEdwardsMusic.com or his social media site at Facebook and Twitter.

Remember, for musicians like Jack Edwards to continue doing what they love which is creating music they need the support of their fans to do so. This means we needs to purchase the music, go to gigs and help spread the word about this music that matters to us. If you are enjoying the music by Jack Edwards then go and help support by telling the world!