Introducing Yazzy

I want to introduce you all to the new songstress on the block called Yazzy Chamberlain who is a 16 year old singer songwriter from North Devon. She is a multi talented musician who can play the piano, guitar and violin but her real talent is her singing. She has been writing songs since 2012 and released her debut EP in 2013 called ‘3 Kisses’. During her musical journey she has won competitions and her music has been receiving well deserved praise. 2015 has been an important year as she has been working on her debut album called ‘Silly Boys Breaking Hearts’.

Before I talk about her album, I wanted to learn who inspired Yazzy to become a musician and a little more about her music. She was more than happy to answer my questions and this is what she had to say:

Who or what inspired you to become a musician and which musicians have influenced your sound?

I cant really say one thing in particular influenced me to become a musician because when I started writing songs and gigging I was only 10 years old, so I was an age where I was just doing it because I loved it and the more music I made the more I felt inspired. As I was so young I didn’t listen to other musicians and appreciate their works as I can/do now. I have grown up listening to a lot of Soul and Blues music, like Etta James, Sam Cooke, Eva Cassidy and I enjoy singing that kind of music a lot though if you listen to my album it definitely doesn’t sound like something Etta James would bring out, if you listen to Etta James/Eva Cassidy they are very passionate when they sing as am I in my tracks even on the more upbeat produced pop tracks.

When you write new music what is the important part to your process?

I think it is important to not over think music, don’t write anything with an expectation in mind just let your thoughts be free and the music will flow. I think it is important not to force music, I know that in the music industry you will be put under time scales and pressures but always write from the heart and for yourself.

Talking about writing music, which is your favourite song from your debut album and why?

I couldn’t  choose a favourite song as they all mean a lot to me in different ways and I always feel that my favourite song alters with how I am feeling at that particular moment. I love them all and I am really really proud of all of them. If you listen to my old EP 3 kisses this new album is so much more produced, although there are a few tracks like “One Last Time” and “Seeing You with Her” that are more stripped back, “Everything You Said You Never Were” and “Silly Boys Breaking Hearts” are 2 tracks that a few years ago I could never have imagined writing and producing in such a way, but music is all about experimenting and finding out who you are and developing all the time.

If you were headlining a world tour, which bands would you choose as YOUR support?

If I was headlining a world tour, I would want a support band that inspired me to be a better musician and that I got along with really well and I  loads of fun with but at the same time knew how to work hard . I’ m always meeting inspiring musicians so who knows?

What are you future plans and goals for your music?

I want to continue to learn, make music, gig, meet new cool and interesting people and take

‘Silly Boys Breaking Hearts’ is an album which surprised me as Yazzy showed me that she is definitely a talent to take seriously with her blend of soul, blues and pop with an slight acoustic twist. I had seen her perform covers on her YouTube page but it is hard to get a grasps of a musicians talent when they are performing someone else’s material. However, her album showed me that not only does she have a phenomenal voice but she is also an impressive songwriter.

I want to talk about Yazzy’s overall songwriting ability as for someone who has only been writing songs for a few years she has a good grasp on how to assemble a song with soul. This soul is thanks to the stories she shares within each song which at times have a personal feel to them. This is supported by a great mix of energy throughout the album but most of them flow with a delicate tone which let’s her vocals steal the spotlight. What can I say about about Yazzy’s vocals except WOW! The emotion tone she delivers with an impressive and effortless tone sounds well beyond her years. There is times when her tone reminds me a little of an early Adele, I know this is big praise but I am only telling it as I here it. It makes me think about how good she will sound in few years time when it will be even stronger.

The title track ‘Silly Boys Breaking Hearts’ stands out as it gives the listener a glimpse of a more fun and sassy side to Yazzy’s music. Another highlight from the album is the soulful ‘Monday Morning Blues’. My personal favourite is the heartfelt ‘Seeing you with Her’. Vocally flawless and she does not sound better than this. I love how musically it has this gentle simplicity to reflect the lyrics about heartache. Simplicity and depth, that is a sign of a good songwriter!

Overall, this is an album that I was not sure what to expect but what I got was something that surprised me. For someone so young her music has a maturity about it that will win her a lot of fans. Definitely one to watch! If you like what you are hearing then grab yourself a copy of ‘Silly Boys Breaking Hearts’ from the usual online stores including ITunes and Amazon. Go on, it might surprise you too.

I am looking forward to hearing Yazzy’s music grow as I think her overall sound will evolve and when it does it will be something special. To follow this musicians journey you can check out her website at where you can find out about her live shows. Alternatively, check her out at her social media sites at Facebook and Twitter.

Don’t forget that music can only grow with the help of the fans. So if you like what you hear from the music by Yazzy Chamberlain then you need to tell the world all about her sound. Go on, support the music that matter to you today!