Introducing Wild Rossa & the 88


Have you heard of the band Wild Rossa & the 88? No? Then take a seat and let me introduce you to their music and why they get the Juke seal of approval. I first came across their sound when they got in touch with me (via twitter) to check out their single ‘Five Year Fool’ and I was hooked to it’s crazy cool sound. I needed to hear more but unfortunately I had to wait until they released their self titled EP which I’ll talk about in a moment or two. So, who are Wild Rossa and the 88? This Liverpool based band have only been together since 2015 but when you listen to their music you can hear the musical experience within their ranks. Luke Papini (vocals, guitar), Chris Mitchell (lead guitar), Luke Ledger (saxophone), Nico Sauvenee (drums) and Jamie Gosling (bass) offer so much with their music which includes Jazz, Latin, Rock, Pop, soul and much, much more.

The first listen I listened to their EP it kept me on my toes as each song offered something different from the last which made it refreshing as I couldn’t predict on what the next song would sound like. I really liked this as it felt this release was created without restraint or what sound is cool but more about what sounded good to them.

The EP starts off with ‘Five Year Fool’ which was the song that put this band on my radar, as it offers an infectious upbeat jazz vibe. The way the band bounce off each other to deliver this cool sound will have any venue dancing. The backing vocals add so much to this song,  but it’s Luke’s stunning vocals that steals the show for me. His impressive control and range sounds so good that you can hear why it has been grabbing a lot of people’s attention. ‘Julian (She is a Woman)’ is up next and this song is beautiful with it’s retro soulful feel (my favourite from the EP). Again, another master class in vocals as Luke gives an effortless soulful performance that at times packs a punch. Check out the guitar solo too, it’s pretty sexy!

Next up is ‘Gasoline’ which the band bring back their infectious tempo to get the party going and again. It offers something you would expect from an early Carlos Santana which includes awesome guitar solos. I really like the energy that this song has to offer. Last up is ‘That’s what a man’s supposed to do’ which slows the pace back down as the saxophone takes control to give the listener a sexy jazz groove. Luke gives us a soft vocal display which shares a great story and reminds us about their impressive lyrical talents.

Here is a superb EP which gets even better with each listen and leaves me wanting more as the 4 songs seem to tease you with its great sound. I’m really hoping Wild Rossa & the 88 get the chance to release at least a 7 track EP next as we need to hear more of their goodness. Get yourself over to their Soundcloud page (click HERE) to give this EP a listen as you won’t be disappointed. If you like what you hear then help support the band by purchasing their music from the usual online stores like Amazon and iTunes today.

If you are loving the music from this band and want to find out more including future shows and new releases then head over to their website at You can also get their information and band updates from their social media sites at Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget, if you like what you hear from Wild Rossa & the 88 then help by telling the world about them today.