Introducing Vanessa Forero

12321407_1686543771603200_4444819282318453234_nVanessa Forero is a British/Colombian singer-songwriter who I was introduced by a friend of mine, Charlotte Gomes (from Project Light Agency) as she knows my taste in music too well. As always she chose wisely as Vanessa has such a beautiful folk sound that has a slight Latino feel.

Now it’s my turn to introduce Vanessa Forero to you. Music has always been part of Vanessa’s life since an early age and continued to do so as she grew up. She learned how to write music, play various musical instruments as well as producing music. She used her songwriting talents to create TV/film scores and has also written for other musicians. Now Vanessa has decided it’s time to release her musical creations out onto the world with her debut EP ‘From The Uproar’. But before I talk about that I want to share a chat I had with this amazing musical talent. We talked about her influence, music and a little more, this is what she had to say:

Who or what inspired you to become a musician and which musicians have influenced your sound?

Nothing really needed to push me to become a musician, the piano in our house just became my first way of expressing, processing and communicating, so I think I was always going to become a musical talker, but hearing Tori Amos play piano so boldly definitely kept me interested . Other influences on my musical accent on this side of my music would be the Brit/Colombian band Sidestepper and a lot of folkloric Colombian music like Toto La Momposina with her wild and earthy drums. To be honest though, getting to this sound has been more of an experiment than a fall out of influences, it’s mud against a wall that mostly did this!

You have a great song writing talent, do you have a set process when writing songs?

Well thanks! I build songs from varying start points but I do tend to fall into the ‘sing random vowel sounds over a made-up guitar part that I like’ thing mostly. The lyrics somehow get de-mystified as the melody is being shaped, it all kind of clarifies together gradually. I’d like to try other writing routes for the next record, like starting from just a drum beat, or from production, or from hanging upside down with a kazoo in my mouth whilst listening to regee! Hmm, I should keep those ideas to myself.

Talking about writing songs, which is your favourite from your latest EP and why?

Hard to say when I’m so close to them all! But probably Raven, because musically it enabled me to get the production colours I wanted to paint, and personally because it was the first song I wrote to go out onto my first stage with trembling knees, telling myself: “Listen you Raven, see what you’re made of”. So it’s my little pep talk song and where I began.

If you were headlining a world tour, which 2 musicians/bands would you choose as YOUR support?

If this is a dream scenario am I allowed to pick big deal artists? Like Nick Drake or Bowie? Ok if I have to pick living artists – Foy Vance and whoever else is good at having fun on stage. Gavin James!

What are you future plans and goals for your music?

To keep making the best art I can. To set it free to the world as best I can. To nurture and follow where the sparks lead as best I can.

‘From The Uproar’ is wonderful audio adventure that focuses around Vanessa’s vocal and guitar talents. Both offer so much for different reasons, but the way they intertwine to create her sound feels naturally symbiotic. As soon as the EP begins with ‘Heaven Knows’ you are instantly introduced to this winning combination. The intricate guitar technique is mesmerising and it has that type of sound that I could listen to all day. Vanessa’s guitar style throughout the EP has a great mix of tempo to reflect the theme of each song. These high standards can also be heard within her vocals which range from
beautifully tender, as you can hear on the song ‘I’ll Be Wrong Again’, to a more upbeat pop feel with ‘Same Boat’. She has this irresistible charm in her tone which I think is that secret ingredient that makes her music stand out for me. All this is used to help share her stories which have a cover varies topics but consistently offer depth and emotion.

Each song has it’s own strength to stand out, so choosing a personal favourite was challenging. However, the bonus track ‘Anhela’ always seems to capture my attention the most with each listen of the EP. All of the lyrics are in Spanish and I’ll be honest, I have no idea what the song is about but I don’t need to as the way the song feels is enough for me. It’s musical arrangement pulls you in with its gentle and soothing sound. It’s various instrumental layers including piano and strings can only be described as beautiful. When Vanessa sings it enriches the song even further because of the emotional tone it shares. I can probably talk a lot more about this song but I will say, just listen to it and you will understand exactly what I am saying.

I think this is a wonderful release which is so easy on the ears and showcases Vanessa’s wonderful songwriting talent. Do yourself a favour and head over to her Bandcamp page to listen to the EP in full (click HERE) and appreciate her great sound. If you agree with me and need her music as part of your collection then you can grab a copy of her EP digitally or on CD while you are there.

I really enjoy what Vanessa has created with ‘From The Uproar’ but I get the impression that she is just scratching the surface as she has so much more to offer. I would love to hear her create a full length album to let her music spread it’s wings to fly. If you want to find out if or when this will happen, want to learn more about this talented music or need information about upcoming shows then visit her website at You can also follow her journey with music via her social media sites at Facebook and Twitter. If you are enjoying what you hear from Vanessa Forero then don’t forget to help spread the word as with our help, her music can develop and grow. Spread the word today!