Introducing Van Susans

Van Susans are a band that I have been a fan of for a few years now and I am surprised it has taken me until now to feature them on my site. This alternative folk rock five piece are Olly Andrews (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Eddie Dullaway (lead guitar), Holly McLatchie (violin), Harvey Simpson (bass), Innes Christie (drums) who together deliver an amazing infectious sound.

Their releases ‘We Could be Scenery’ (EP) and ‘Paused in the Moments’ (album) have been heavily played amongst my collection with the tracks ‘Cha Cha Bang’, ‘Rat Race’ and ‘Served Cold’ being amongst my personal favourites. I have been waiting impatiently for the band to release some new music so when I heard that they released the EP ‘Live Forever’, I was excited to hear what they had created.


Being such a big fan, I was also a little nervous to see if they can keep up the high standard of creating music with catchy hooks and great melodies. On first listen I instantly noticed a difference in the way this EP sounded to their previous offerings. I found it difficult to put my finger on what had changed and the only way I can describe it is that this collection of songs feels more mature. By this I mean it is less playful but this change has resulted in their best work to date.

What has impressed me the most with this four track EP is the lyrical content. It now feels deeper and has even more emotion running through it. My favourite song ‘Seagulls’ shines a light on this talent which is about dealing with loss but the way they do so is beautifully done. The way Olly delivers these lyrics is so captivating. He has always had a great voice but personally I think he sounds better than ever.

Musically, the band never fail to deliver an infectious sound. I can’t tell if I prefer their energetic side which can be heard on ‘Lipstick Teeth’ or the softer tone from my other favourite song called ‘Time Zones’. This one feels more stripped back as the guitar and violin really shine.


I highly recommend that you give the music from Van Susans a listen but don’t blame me if it sucks you in and gets you singing along. ‘Live Forever’ is a stunning EP that I am so glad they have released to the world and you should own in your collection (by purchasing from CDBaby, iTunes or Amazon). If you need a little more convincing then give their music a listen from their Spotify, Bandcamp, YouTube or Soundcloud pages.

I hear on the grapevine that their is more new music on the way from Van Susans. So, if you want to find out when this will happen or want to find out more about the band including upcoming shows then find them on their social media pages (Facebook or Twitter). Don’t forget, if you are a fan of Van Susans then tell the world about them TODAY!