Introducing Ty Andelman

Let’s talk about the new solo EP from the musician Ty Andelman called ‘At Your Age’. If this musicians name sounds familiar it maybe because he is the vocalist with the band Lyonn who have been featured on my site not so long ago on the post ‘Lyonn will Light the Sky’. Ty’s music has been part of my collection back in the days when Lyonn was his one man show. Before I continue, Lyonn are NOT breaking up or anything like that, Ty has created some music which differed from the style with Lyonn and he wanted to share it with the world.

The best way to talk about the EP and what it offers is to to let Ty do the talking. I caught up with him to ask some questions and this is what he had to say:

Tell me a little about your latest solo project, what is the story behind it?

My solo project is a combination of older songs I wrote in 2013/14 and newer songs that fall into a more singer/songwriter category, both of which are much different than what Attila and I are currently doing in Lyonn.

In my main project (Lyonn) we are working on some really big production pop songs, and my old solo songs prior to Attila joining the project did not fit with the new direction we had in mind. I am constantly writing songs that either fall into pop or singer/songwriter, so now instead of trashing the songs due to cohesiveness, I can release them under a solo project, it takes a lot of pressure off Lyonn, and it satisfies both sides of my musical taste!

What were your goals when working on ‘At Your Age’ EP?

I was dying to get these songs out of me. Like I mentioned above, we tried all 3 of these songs in Lyonn, but they all would have ended up sounding a lot different than I would have preferred if we did, so I entered the studio with my friend/producer MiAH, and we knocked out the EP together, staying true to a more downtempo approach.

It was a complete cleanse, and that was the goal originally. It cleared my head and gave me a new energy.  I am more comfortable to explore with different sounds and genres in Lyonn, now that I know I always have my solo project to release the acoustic songs that come to me.

What is your favourite song from the EP and why?

I think “Fairgrounds” is my favorite song out of the new stuff. It is one of the most dense songs I have ever written, and I am really proud of it. Honestly, I see myself re recording it in a couple years, I think it has space to grow even more and the potential excites me. I do have to say, the new version of “Silver Screen Love” is exactly what I wanted from that song originally when I recorded it for the first time in December 2013. Out of everything I have written so far, that one sits at the top of my list. It’s a very personal song, and an incredible memory comes to the surface every time I perform or hear that one. I’m excited for more impacting songs like that to come to me as I mature as a songwriter.

If money was no object, if you could shoot a video for any song from the EP which would it be? Also, what would be it’s story and who would be in it?

Well I know you’re expecting some sort of crazy Emma Watson story, but sadly we shot a music video for “Closer” already, and she was busy on a different project, so she couldn’t make it…

I am trying to sneak some jokes in this interview, but these questions are so good and current, I really have so much to say on each topic! Good work James!

On a serious note, I came up with a storyline for a “Silver Screen Love” video that I was really excited about. I hope I can do it someday. I don’t want to give away the story, but I will say it’s immensely emotional, and I wouldn’t mind casting Leonardo Dicaprio in a small role 😉

Now your solo EP is released, what do you have planned next with your world of music?

I’m glad I released At Your Age, I feel refreshed, and I don’t plan on acting much as Ty Andelman, I’m just glad the songs are out there getting played and people seem to really connect with them. Maybe in the future I will play some shows as a solo act, but all my focus is on Lyonn now. We have some incredible stuff in the works, we are planning on dropping a few songs over the next few months, and we really want to hit 2016 hard. I don’t even want to say much, I truly want the music and live shows to speak for themselves, but I will say, the new stuff we are working on is like nothing Attila and I have ever been a part of, and we can’t wait.

‘At Your Age’ does offer a slightly different feel to the music that Ty produces with Lyonn and I understand why he wanted to create this EP. It has an overall slower tone which gives him the opportunity to deliver a sound that feels more connected. This was a quality that won me over when he released his debut EP ‘Knivsta’. For me, Ty’s music does not get any better than when he slows a song down to deliver a track which has an emotional depth. The acoustic version of ‘Closer’ is a great example of this and is my favourite song by far on this EP. Let’s show some love to the other songs on the EP instead of me talking about my favourite one straight away. Each song has a slow pop sound due to the various musical layers with a subtle guitar accompaniment. This gentle tone gives Ty the opportunity to let his voice grab your full attention and this can be heard on the highlight song ‘Silver Screen Love’. The vocals on this are so captivating. I need to quickly add that Ty has always had a great way he moulds his lyrics that have a tender emotion, it also feels that each song is personal to him.

Overall, this is another great collection of songs which feature the vocal talents from Ty Andelman. He has always had a talent in creating songs he genuinely connects to which produces this honest sound. My only problem, like all his previous EP’s,  is that it leaves me wanting more and I wished he would release a full length album. That’s a good thing right? At Your Age is available from his Bandcamp (click HERE), so head over and grab yourself a copy. He is also offering a free download of his song ‘Dancing Machine’ which is a very cool song from his older EP’s.

Even though Ty has said that he doesn’t plan on doing much more solo work I have a feeling it may still happen. If it doesn’t then it’s not the end of the world as we still have the music of Lyonn to keep us happy. To keep up to date with the music of Lyonn, head over to their website at Alternatively follow them on their social media sites at Facebook and Twitter.

As always, a reminder to support the music that matters to you. Independent musicians/bands need the help of their fans to make their music grow so it’s you duty to help spread the word. If what you hear from Ty Andelman or Lyonn sound good to you then tell the world about them today!