Introducing Tom Speight

I can’t believe I have not written a post all about singer songwriter Tom Speight until now. I became aware of this artists music in 2012 when I saw Tom perform at Kendal Calling Festival. His laid back acoustic sound reminded me of a cross between Ryan Adams and Swell Season. Considering both these artists are a favourite of mine, the music of Tom Speight needed to be part of my collection.

Since the festival I have added his 3 EP’s to my music collection and I saw him perform again this year at The Great Escape Festival which reminded me how great his music sounds performed live. If you get the chance to see him live then I would highly recommend it as he performs a few of his tracks unplugged, and for me, this is when his music really stands out from the crowd.

Tom has so far released three EP’s which are ‘This House (2009)’, ‘Willow Tree (2010)’ and ‘Together or Alone (2012)’.  From his earliest music he has always been able to create a well crafted song filled with insightful lyrics with a delicate feel. His music is always arranged very carefully with an intricate sound which helps to give each song its own emotional feel (which at times is hauntingly beautiful). Add to this Tom’s delicate vocals which are occasionally supported by a female vocalist, and what you get is some must hear music. When you listen to all of his music in release order, you can hear that it keeps getting stronger which is a credit as he seems an artist who always wants to improve

If I was to suggest 3 tracks to introduce new listeners to the music of Tom Speight then my personal selection would be ‘Tears of Mine’, Willow Tree’ and my favourite song ‘The River’. Each of these tracks demonstrate the great talent that this singer songwriter possesses and why his music should be part of your collection.

I am pleased to say that I got the opportunity to ask Tom a few question about music, influences and the future.

What made you want to become a musician?

‘I actually don’t really remember not being into music. I used to fill all my spare time listening to albums and stealing mix tapes from my sisters boyfriends. I think the first band that made me want to write songs was Oasis and I guess my taste has just evolved from then.’

You have a wonderful natural sound to you music, who are your influences?

‘I would say the records I love are the most natural and honest sounding. I think you can’t beat Ethan Johns way of recording but then I do also love really well produced and well put together productions like Vampire Weekend. If I do achieve a happy medium then I’m happy with that!’

What is your favourite track from your releases so far and why?

‘I think personally ‘Willow Tree’ because it was a milestone for me. I think I found my feet and maybe my own stamp with the end result! I also really enjoyed the recording process with Tim & Jesse from Keane and having my friends on the record.’

What can we expect from you in 2013/14?

’I’m touring with Travis in October and then releasing some singles in the new year and then will be touring to promote the songs..much of the same but hopefully keep on building on things and moving in the right direction.’

Tom has always confused me as I can’t understand why his music is not more known and supported. His ability to create great music is as good (if not better) than a lot of the singer songwriters that can be heard today.

If you do like your music with a cool acoustic sound who’s lyrics have a great emotion to them then Tom Speight is the artist for you! Check him out at the links below and help to support this talented musician.