Introducing The Vantage

Say hello to James Mason (vocals) and Jackson Wise (guitar & vocals) who are better know as the musical collaboration The Vantage. The guys have created an addictive indie pop rock sound that has is getting everyone hooked, including me.

In November of last year they released their EP This Time Now which was about the time I got introduced to their sound. It was their track ‘On my Way’ that grabbed my attention which is also my favourite track from the EP. This track showed me that this was a band who have a great ability of writing catchy sing along lyrics supported by some great vocals and harmonies. This theme is continued throughout the EP which helps to produce a very cool and impressive debut release.

Now the guys have followed up with their new EP Color Blind which continues where the last EP left off by delivering more catchy indie pop rock. When I first heard this EP I thought was this was another great release, but there was something about it that I couldn’t explain. When I listened to it again I realised that the guys have created an EP which has stepped up its game in a subtle way. They have fine tuned every element of their music which has also given us a wider range of sounds. For example, Glow is upbeat pop, Time of War is slow and tender while The Animal shows their edgier side. What really impresses me about their music is that it has a have a fun and upbeat feel even though some of the tracks have a slower pace. This is one of the many reasons why their music is a welcomed addition to my music collection. It’s difficult to talk about the vocals on this EP (as well as the debut release) as James is sounding stronger than ever. It also sounds like we are getting to hear more of Jackson’s guitar skills on this release which has helped to make their music stand out more.

Favourite song? This has been tough as Time of War really stands out with its emotional depth but I would say my favourite is Glow. This track has that great upbeat feel that made me a fan, and it also has a VERY catchy hook! Be warned, you will sing along to this song as it has that awesome anthem feel about it. Overall, Color Blind has shown that these guys have grown to bring us a fans a stronger collection of songs but they have still kept that great addictive sound.

I got the opportunity to ask Jackson from the band a few questions about The Vantage, their new EP and a little more. This is what he had to say:

How did The Vantage come together and is their a story behind the name?

We formed The Vantage after having known each other for about 3 years. We met when I was still in school in Virginia. We quickly developed a good writing chemistry and the rest is sort of history. At first, The Vantage was just some studio time booked to see if we could come up with something great. The session produced On My Way and Something in the Air and we decided we should give it a go!

The name stands for having a clear perspective of where you are and where you want to be. By definition, a vantage point is basically that. We started this with a clear understanding of what we wanted to do.

How would you describe your sound to any new listeners out there and who are your influences?

James has used this description before and I think it suits us well. The Vantage is indie-rock with flavors of dark and sunny.

This is your second EP, what were your goals when you began to writing for it?

These songs came from 2 different sessions dating back to December of 2012. The Animal was the first to be written and when we finished it we were like “Whoa!” It was definitely the most “alty” song we had written. We then went back to the studio in August of 2013 and knocked out about 10 more tracks, some of which make up the rest of ‘Color Blind.’ The goal of this EP was and is to keep people interested in the project. Our main goal is put out an LP, so this is being used as a launching pad for the real thing. We’ve got some great things in store!

Which is your favourite track from the EP and why?

Personally I’d have to say my favourite track is ‘Faith” – it rocks hard, especially that last chorus, and really gives me some 90’s nostalgia. When we were writing we got to the bridge and James started doing this spoken word thing, and we were like “okay, we’re going to go there on this.” That’s James tapping into his full Steven Jenkins potential haha.

Now the new EP is released, what is planned next for the band?

Well, we’re planning on going to LA at the end of summer to record some new tunes. Hoping to lock in a few more heavy hitters before starting to plan for the full-length. The good thing about this project is there has never been a lack of material. It’s more about what material is best suited right now. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us, but it’s the good kind of work.

It makes me happy that the guys are working on a full length album as both of their EP’s leave you wanting more. From the quality of music that they have delivered so far, I predict the new album will fully showcase the potential that The Vantage can deliver.

To find out more about the band and what they are up to, you can visit them on their social media sites at Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget if you like the music from The Vantage then you can visit their Bandcamp page to buy their EP’s. As always, if you like the music then show your support. Tell the world The Vantage are here!