Introducing The Mitch Laddie Band

Regular readers will know that I am a huge fan of the blues and I need no reason to help support musicians/bands who produce this sound. So, let me introduce you all to the amazing music of The Mitch Laddie Band. Hailing from the North East of England, Mitch Laddie (vocals/guitar), Rhian Wilkinson (bass) and Matt Connor (drums) blend together to create this must hear sound.

In 2010, Mitch released his solo album ‘This Time Around’ which caused a stir within the music world of the blues due to his impressive guitar skills. With songs like ‘I Need your Love’ and my favourite ‘Mr Johnson’ you can understand the hype it created. The follow up album ‘Burning Bridges’ (2012) , was released under the name of The Mitch Laddie Band as we now know it. This release not only confirmed that these guys meant business, but songs like ‘Paper in Your Pocket’ and ‘Changing Tides & Burning Bridges’ showed an even more impressive song writing talent. 2014 saw the released of their live album ‘Live in Concert’ which give listeners a taste of what they could expect from a live show from The Mitch Laddie Band.

What have The Mitch Laddie Band been up to recently? They have released their new album ‘Let You Go’ and it will come as no surprise that it sounds pretty good, actually it is their best work to date! With each release you can hear that they have made small improvements to every element to their sound but with this one, it sounds like everything has clicked into place to give the listener something special.

Musically these guys sound great together to provide music that is a blend of soul, blues and at times a little jazz. It definitely feels like these guys know what sound they want to create and they all know what they need to bring to the table to achieve this. Both Rhian (bass) and Matt (drums) add so much to the vibe of this album but it is Mitch who steals the show when he let’s his guitar do the talking. This guy really knows how to get the best out of his guitar and make it sing! Talking about singing, I always thought that Mitch had a pretty good vocal style but he has stepped up his game on this album as I don’t think I have heard him sound so good! There are times when I can hear a retro soul tone within his voice which adds so much to his songs. When this flows with his guitar skills it makes his music so infectious.

For me, this album is an all killer no filler as there is not one song that has disappointed me. There are so many highlights which include the silky smooth ‘Move on Over’ and the cool upbeat ‘Cut Loose’. My favourite song is the title track ‘Let Her Go’ which blends all the different genres and by far my favourite vocal display by Mitch.

Overall, this is a great example of how good modern day blues can sound. Not only that but it also delivers some silky guitar skills that deliver wonderful intricate sounds that is a delight to listen to. Just grab a copy of the album yourself from their website (click HERE) or you can download it from the usual online stores to hear this magic at work.

With so much great music on offer by this band I wanted to find out more. I got in touch with Mitch himself who was kind enough to spare some time to talk about his influences, music and more. This is what he had to say:

Who or what inspired you to become a musician and which musicians have influenced your sound?

The first musician I ever took notice of was my Dad. He sang and played guitar in bands and that was my first exposure to it. First real musician or entertainer I really took notice of however would be Michael Jackson. Then the guitar playing days came and Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan made me want to chase that dream.

What is your favourite song you have written and why?

That’s a very hard question. “Move On Over” is up there simply because it is an all out pop song that no one yet has said they dislike. That’s my aim with music now, to write songs that people want to listen to and that song seems to fall right into that category.

You seem to play a lot of gigs, what can people expect from one of your shows?

A lot of raw energy and three musicians who constantly feed of each other and grow with every show we play. Versatility too, we never want to be put in a box. Above all though, musicianship and songs.

Talking about gigs, If you were headlining a world tour, which bands would you choose as YOUR support?

I’m super into a band called “CHON” at the minute who are amazing musicians and I think I’d pick them just because it would be a treat for me night after night.

What’s the future plans and goals for your music?

Again, to write quality songs that people want to listen to. To tour, explore, meet people, soak it all in, write those songs and then repeat.

I am hoping to get the opportunity to see The Mitch Laddie Band perform live, I’m looking forward to seeing Mitch’s guitar skills at work to see if they are as good as they sound. As I follow them on their social media sites at Facebook and Twitter I will know when their next gigs will happen. If you want to find out more information about this band then you can also check out their website at

As always, a reminder that independent music is an important part of the music world. It can only continue with the support of its fans. So if you like the music by The Mitch Laddie Band or others musicians then they need your help. To do this, we need to purchase the music, going to gigs and spreading the word about the music that matters to us.