Introducing The Matinee

I was first introduced to The Matinee while listening to New Driven Radio after they played the track ‘Young and Lazy’. I loved this song roots rock feel that reminded of the music produced by the legendary Tom Petty. My foot did not stay still throughout the song which has a cool catchy hook that will get you singing along. After the song finished, I hit the internet to find out more about this band.

Who are The Matinee? They are Matt Layzell (vocals), Matt Rose (guitars, vocals), Pete Lemon (drums, vocals) and Geoff Petrie (guitar, percussion, vocals). I love the description of the band on their Facebook page ‘The stomp and cheer of dancing shoes on sticky wooden floors. 3 a.m. phone calls of raw soul alcoholisms. A long drive down a dirt road into the sunrise. An empty glass. Laughter, hangover….The Matinée.’ I couldn’t agree with them more.

In 2013 they released their debut album ‘We Swore We’d See the Sunrise’. This album has that wonderful old school southern rock sound with a twist of country added for good measure. The whole album from start to finish has the retro honest sound that makes their sound so irresistible.

Each song has the same winning formula of catchy chorus’ shared by outstanding vocals wrapped in great music. I get the impression this is a band that has a great understanding of each other as they blend together to create this overall amazing sound. The song writing ability of The Matinee is impressive as they know how to write a catchy hook but also write lyrics with an underrated emotional depth. This is all shared by Matt’s great vocals which is the cherry on this musical cake.

So, which are the songs that I recommend? The tracks ‘The Sinking of the Greehill Park’ and ‘On our Own’ stand out as they are the softer and emotionally drenched songs from the band. This showcases the depth of their song writing I spoke about earlier, showing that this band have a lot to offer. My favourite track should come as no surprise as it is ‘Young and Lazy’. I simply love the energy of this song which I picture a summer drive along an open road with the roof down and loving life. I have heard this track so many time and I find it impossible to get tired of it, amazing song!

This is such a great album that you need to hear this album for yourself. Head over to their Soundcloud site (click HERE) to have a listen and if you like it then head over to their website at to grab as copy of the album.

I am eagerly awaiting a new album from the guys which I know is due soon as they have already started releasing new music including their new single ‘Call of the Wild’. If this song is anything to go by then its going to be a great year for fans of The Matinee.

To find out more about the band including future releases, gigs and other shenanigans then head over to their website at You can also visit their social media pages at Facebook & Twitter where you can tell the guys how awesome their music sounds. As this is a band I am truly a fan of then I will continue to show my support to their music as this is what fans do! If you feel the same way about the music of The Matinee then tell your friends about them, better still, tell the WORLD!