Introducing The Dunwells

I can’t believe that I have not featured any of The Dunwells EP’s or albums on my site yet as I’ve been a fan since 2013. Well that changes now!

The Dunwells are the collective effort the brothers Joseph and David Dunwell as well as Rob Clayton and Adam Taylor. This Leeds quartet have been gaining nothing but praise because of their outstanding releases ‘Blind Sighted Faith’, ‘Show me Emotion EP’ and Lucky Ones EP’ as well as their live shows. From these releases I strongly recommend you check out ‘I could be King’ and ‘Goodnight My City’. I must mention my favourite song ‘Beautiful’ which features on the US version of ‘Blind Sighted Faith’ which was renamed ‘Follow the Road’ as it is an amazing song which reminds me of an amazing moment in my life because of it’s great lyrics.


Now the guys have recently released their new album ‘Light Up the Sky’ which continues with a new electro-infused sound that began during the 2014 EP ‘Show Me Emotion’. At first I wasn’t sure on the new sound as I have listened to ‘Blind Sighted Faith’ so much that I got used to their folk/rock sound, but after a few listens I understood the new direction and liked it. I admire that The Dunwells do not let their sound go stagnant and push their boundaries but still manage to keep the soul of what makes them stand out to so many. I remember the first time I saw The Dunwells perform live I was really impressed with the vocals not only from Joseph (lead vocals) but also from the rest of the band as their harmonies are sublime. This quality can be heard throughout the album and a great example of this from the is the song ‘Will you Wait for Me’ which a personal highlight. The way this song is musically stripped back to let the vocal talent of the guys shine, is a wonderful example of how less is more and that it can result in something special.

The overall songwriting ability of this band is really impressive. Not only do they have a great understanding of how to arrange their music to create some beautiful and emotionally packed layers within their sound, but they have a real gift in the lyrical department. The title track ‘Light Up the Sky’ is another highlight from the album which shows off this side to their music. I am not sure who inspired their writing style that has so much emotion within it that still feels authentic. It is the soul of what makes the music of The Dunwells sound so good!

If you still need a little more convincing on why you need this album then listen to the song ‘Animals’. This is not only my personal favourite from the album but a favourite from all of the songs that the guys have released. It’s infectious musical arrangement has everything I have been saying during the review which makes the music by The Dunwells a winner for me. Go listen to it as this will win you over as a fan!


I recommend that you give this album as well as their previous releases a listen. You can listen to previews of all of them at the Soundcloud page (click HERE). If you are hooked like I am then you can purchase their music from the usual places of iTunes and Amazon (including CD copies) or from their store (click HERE).

These guys are one of the hardest working bands I know as they are always working on new music and touring like crazy. I actually know they are currently working on new music for their upcoming tour which the information can be found on their website I do recommend that you check them out live as I have seen them a few times and they do not disappoint. Their website is also a great place to find out more about the guys and this information can also be found on their social media sites at Facebook and Twitter. Get in touch with them and say hello as they are a sociable bunch. As always, if you like what you hear from The Dunwells then help and show your support by telling the world all about them TODAY!