Introducing The Della Grants

Let’s not mess around here, The Della Grants are the real deal and I need to tell you all about them! There is something special about the way Max Manning (lead vocals & guitar), Tom Best (vocals, guitar & harmonica), Tom Walker (drums) and Andy Boulton (bass) blend together to deliver their own style of blues rock that ticks all the right boxes.

It was their song ‘Lay my Head’ which introduced me to The Della Grants. As soon it begins, Tom’s skills on the harmonica had me hooked and as it continued the rest of the band joined in to deliver this infectious sound. As it ended, it left me hungry for more. I soon discovered that they had released their debut album ‘Time for Change’ which was followed up with the EP ‘First Fix’. I couldn’t wait to give them a listen.

2014 saw The Della Grants unleash the album ‘Time for Change’. This debut showed a band who were confident about what they were creating and they did so with style. The opening track ‘Too Fast’ eases you in with this cool bluesy vibe which also introduces you to the amazing vocal from Max. He is part of what makes this album sound so good as he shows off his range. He can switch between a stunning soulful tone to bringing power with a playful energy and does so with conviction. I recommend you listen to ‘Fairground Soul’ to hear this talent at work.

I really like how they have a retro blues rock vibe but add their own modern-day stamp to make this sound their own. This is the other part that makes this album stand out. The two guitarists do try to steal the show with their licks and riffs which can be heard on songs like ‘Circus Debut’. My favourite ‘Lay my Head’ reminds you that The Della Grants are a band in which everyone is integral to what they create. When you listen to this album, I highly recommend the Keb Mo’ cover ‘Am I Wrong’. Not only is it a great version but the guitar work is stunning!

Fans had to wait until 2016 for the follow-up release ‘First Fix’. When I first listened to this, it felt different to their debut and I could not put my finger on it. After checking it out a few more times I noticed that it still had the same ingredients as before but it felt less wild and instead showcased a more mature feel to their sound. This made me appreciate this EP more as it shows how much the guys have grown and each song confirmed that this was a band that really meant business. Just listen to my favourites ‘Backbiter blues’ and ‘More than Pray’ as they confirm why you need this EP in your world of music.

I can’t pick a favourite between their two releases as they offer something slightly different but still have what makes The Della Grants such a favourite amongst my music collection. Take a trip to their YouTube, Soundcloud or Spotify pages to listen to more from the guys. If you like what you hear and need to add them to your collection then they can be purchased from the usual online stores of Amazon and iTunes. Alternately, you could do what I have done and purchase their CD’s which can be obtained from their store (click HERE).

The word on their social media sites is that there is more new music on its way with a live EP and another album due later this year. Personally, I can’t wait to hear both.

If you want to find out more about The Della Grants including new releases and upcoming shows then check out their website (click HERE). You can also find this information from their social media sites at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you do, then say hello to the guys as they do like to interact with their fans. If you are a fan, then help do your part and spread the word about this awesome band TODAY!