Introducing Tarq Bowen

I want to introduce you to a musician who’s music and live show have really made an impression on me and my music collection. I first discovered the music of Tarq Bowen while doing my research on the Great Escape Festival 2014 as he was performing as part of the Alternative Escape. I watched the video for his song ‘Vagabond Hide’ and really liked his sound. The song had this raw soul sound which was used to deliver a bluesy folk feel. After hearing this song I thought I would check out his set during the festival and this is where I found a deeper appreciation for his music.

I watched his set in a small coffee shop which gave it an intimate and natural feel that added so much to his performance. Because of the environment, it gave his music and vocals the opportunity to deliver a soul drenched sound which was simply captivating. It was not only me who thought this about his music as the crowd were attentive as they too appreciated what they were listening to. This was one of those moments when I was listening to music in its purest form with a sound that was so different to me that my perception on music would change for the better. After his set, I grabbed myself a copy of his EP ‘Rise with the Sun’ and had a quick chat with the man himself. We talked about his music and other music related topics. It was nice that he came across as natural and honest as his music.

So, how was the EP? Well, it did not disappoint. It may not capture the soul soaked live performance that Tarq produces but it still gave an excellent showing of his song writing ability. He delivers his own unique sound which is a fusion of many different genres which include blues, jazz, soul and folk to name a few. This fusion is one of the many reasons that his music originally caught my attention.

As the EP starts with ‘Rise with the Sun’ you are introduced to the wonderful guitar skills that Tarq has to offer which have a blues influenced sound. Anyone who knows me can confirm that I love the sound of a blues guitar as it sounds so damn good! These guitar skills are used effectively throughout the EP to add the right amount of atmosphere and emotion to match the tone of the lyrics for each song. These wonderfully written lyrics are delivered with his impressive vocal talent which has a raw soulful quality about it. When you listen to him sing, it makes you pay attention in a subtle way as it helps you to submerge into his music.

Overall this EP is an amazing example of music in its purist form. Each of the 4 songs stand out on their own merit which is a credit to the calibre of Tarq’s song writing talent. I recommend that you listen to the songs on his Soundcloud site (click HERE) to listen to this musician at work. Hopefully you will appreciate his music like I do and if so, you should grab a copy of his EP today!

I do know through his social media sites that he is busy recording new music which will be released later this year. I personally can not wait to hear what he has created and I am confident that it will not disappoint. Once an EP or an album is released then you can expect to read about it here because as a fan I will be supporting his music by helping to spread the word.

I will be checking his website and social media sites at Facebook and Twitter to find out when new music is released and maybe try and catch another one of his live shows. I strongly recommend that you check out one of his shows as his music is good but hearing it performed live is something special.

I hope you are listening to the music from Tarq Bowen and agree that this is a talented musician that needs to be heard. If so, feel free to spread the word and tell the world all about his great music! If the music matters to you then show your support!