Introducing Steve Grozier

Steve Grozier and his debut EP ‘Take My Leave’ is a great little collection of songs with a wonderful old school Americana feel. The Glasgow born musician says that this EP is about sharing his ‘memories of love lost and found, sad times and good times remembered’. He wrote these tracks in 2005 over a six month period while he lived Toronto, Canada. I am not sure why he left them for so long before letting them loose on the world but I am glad we get to listen to them now. He has said ‘Playing these songs with a new band has breathed life into their old bones. These are old songs from a different time, a different period in my life. Yet, I still play them. I still find them relevant. In short, they still hurt. They no longer elicit that immediate sharp intake of breath, but have instead taken on a sepia tone. For me, they evoke a very particular kind of nostalgia. The songs that were birthed, all those years ago, have finally found a home’.

When I first listened to his music there was something familiar about his songwriting style that I could not put my finger on. After doing a little research for this feature I discovered that he has been compared to the likes of Townes Van Zandt, Ray LaMontagne and Ryan Adams. Maybe these comparisons is what I heard, I can definitely hear a bit of Ryan Adams in what he creates.

Let’s talk about his EP ‘Take My Leave’. There is something about listening to this release that I can’t help but picture myself being in a small pub in Tennessee with a glass of the good stuff (bourbon of course). This is because of the way he blends Americana, country and folk which is thanks to some nice arrangements with the guitars. When you listen to songs like ‘Drink before Dawn’ you get treated to laid back strumming techniques which also includes some great solo work. This mix of guitar techniques and the way these guitars styles are layered give each song a depth to them that will not disappoint.

Now to the reason why Steve Grozier caught my attention, his stories and the way he shares them with his enthralling vocal tone. There is an old soul style to his lyrics and tone which is possibly why he has been compared to many classic Americana musicians. The depth and emotion to each of his tracks are wonderful to listen to and my favourite song ‘Take My Leave’ shows off this talent. When you listen to it you will understand why I am a fan.

As I have said before this is a wonderful collection of songs and you need to visit his Bandcamp page to listen to ‘Take My Leave’ EP in full. If his music has you hooked like me then you can purchase a digital or CD copy while you are there.

I have spoken to Steve Grozier through social media and he is excited about his follow-up release which is due in May. I personally can’t wait to hear it and I have high expectations to go with it. I am confident that it will sound great and because of that you will read about it here on its release.

If you want to find out about the progress of the new EP or what Steve is up to including upcoming gigs then visit his social media sites at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Talking about social media, while you are there don’t forget to spread the word about Steve Grozier to help support his music.