Introducing Step Rockets

12829513_758385457630703_7320800954589411226_o Let me introduce you to the band Step Rockets who have recently appeared on my radar. Since 2012 Anthony Schulz, Brady Lillie, Johnny Syn and Joshua Schmidt (aka Josh Von Mink) have been delivering an infectious indie pop rock sound which all began with their song ‘If You Tried’ in 2013. Since then they have been releasing songs with their upbeat and catchy vibe, including the single ‘Kisser’ that got to number 1 on the Hype Machine charts in just two weeks. Since then they have been gaining a reputation for their music and live shows including appearances at Firefly Festival, Summerfest, SXSW, CMJ, Canadian Music Week and venues across North America.

Now the guys have released their debut EP called ‘Future Nature’ but before I talk about that, I want to let Step Rockets share some information about themselves. They were kind enough to answer some of my questions and this is what they had to say:

How did Step Rockets come together and is there a story behind the name?

We are all sci-fi nerds. Most of our time away from music is spent reading and discussing flux capacitors so we wanted to make technology a bigger part of our sound. We started off as more of a blues rock band and slowly integrated synths and programming. The name is an actual dictionary word that means a rocket that discards it’s used charges as it jettisons into new territory. We thought that was an interesting metaphor for how we wanted our sound to be an ever evolving thing.

How would you describe the bands sound and which musicians have helped influence this?

We are a psychedelic pop rock band. I think groups from the 60’s like the Yardbirds and The Animals set a course for us. We really like to borrow from a myriad of different influences. Everything from the guitar work of Albert King to the analog synths of Depeche Mode are considered in our production. The fun part for us is blending those influences in a smart and creative way.

Which is the bands favourite song from the ‘Future Nature’ EP and why?

It depends on which day you ask us but we have been really enjoying playing Love Is Just A Chemical because it has a lot of rhythmic back and forth between our guitar parts. Any song Brady and I trade solos is probably going to get a nomination.

Alive or Dead, which musicians would you like to jam with and why?

Derek Trucks is probably the best guitar player in the world right now in my humble opinion. He seems down to earth too. We love playing with other artists any chance we get. Jams are the best opportunities to learn from other players and steal their tricks.

What are the bands plans and goals for your music?

Our goal is to tour the world and continue to make the best art we can. We love connecting with our fans and providing a soundtrack to peoples lives. We have a slew of shows lined up this summer as we continue to write and record. Stay tuned for a few new music videos this summer.

‘Future Nature’ is a great collection of songs which has a different feel to the type of music I normally listen to due to the use of synth throughout this EP. I may not usually be a fan of this, but the way they have blended it into their foundations of indie, rock and pop seems to work for me. The EP features ‘Turning Tides’, ‘Phantom Flower’ and ‘Kisser’ which have previously been released as singles but now they have now been given a fresh new feel to match their new songs ‘Love is Just a Chemical’, Chances’ and West Coast’. I really like how they have reworked the older songs as they sound even better in my opinion.

The reason this band has stood out for me is how their music is filled with killer guitar solos, an infectious electro pop rock energy and epic vocals which can be heard on the outstanding tracks ‘West Coast’ and ‘Turning Tides (By Your Side)’. The band seem to work off of each others strengths to deliver songs that on the surface seems so simple but underneath offer so much more. They seem to blend the various musical layers of each song from the instruments they use to give us a depth in sound that will pull you in. If that doesn’t, then their catchy hooks will do the job! It’s not just musically that this band stands out as their lyrics are equally as infectious which are delivered to perfection by Joshua. Here is a singer that has such a likeable tone that mirrors the upbeat feel of their music so well. This all helps to give each song its own standout quality and gives you an overall sound that would not feel out of place with the mainstream pop giants of the world today.

If I had to choose one song to showcase the talent of Step Rockets then this would be easy as I would choose ‘Chances’. The first time I heard this song it instantly grabbed me and I don’t think it has let go of me since. I have had it randomly popping in my head, but in a good way as its blend of funky pop rock is so good. Just give it a listen but I am not to blame if it gets stuck in your head.

Head over to their Soundcloud page to give this EP a listen as well as the other songs they have to offer. If you like what you hear and want to purchase it for your collection then this can be done from the usual online stores of iTunes and Amazon.

During my research and from what I see on social media, Step Rockets are a band that have a lot of hype around them but deservingly so. I have no doubt that this is a band that is going places with more new music on the horizon. If you want to find out more about this band including future releases and gigs then head to their website at You can also follow them on their social media sites at Facebook and Twitter. As always, if you like what you hear then show your support by telling the world about the music by Step Rockets today!