Introducing Stables

The duo known as Stables got in touch and asked me to have a listen to their debut album ‘Beyond Brushes’. Regular readers know I am always game to check out something new so I headed over to their Soundcloud page. I decided to check out their title track first and was instantly impressed with their style of alternative folk that was beautiful to hear. Its sound has this gentle and captivating tone that was equally matched with a wonderful vocal performance. I was hungry for more and checked out the rest of the album which did not disappoint.

Stables are a new project from Matthew Lowe and Daniel Rymer Trenholme. These guys have been playing together since they were at school and formed the folk pop band Keston Cobblers Club. Daniel moved on to study, but continued in music by drumming for The Lost Cavalry. Matthew continued with The Cobblers’ whilst also composing for films. The two finally got together to work on an idea that Matthew had for a side project which became Stables.

When I first listened to ‘Beyond Brushes’ album from Stables I became lost in what they had created, as the way they have arranged each song takes you on an audio journey that does not end until the album does. As much as I prefer vocals and lyrics this album shines because of the music and its arrangement. The depth and various layers in sound is beautiful to hear which adds so much giving each song has its own irresistible charm. Throughout ‘Beyond Brushes’ they have used guitars, banjos, ukuleles, drum kits, tubas, trumpets, various sorts of keys and other percussion. They all help to create this albums stunning sound which the track ‘An Interlude’ demonstrates. I must also quickly add that the finger picking techniques on the guitar during the album are impressive and wonderful to listen to.

This all needs the right support and they get it with the beautiful vocal talents of Matthew. His tender tone mirrors the feel of each song and the effortless control in which he does so is a lesson for many musicians out there on how it should be done. This is used to perfection to deliver some well crafted lyrics. Matthew has also supported Emile Cheshire (on ‘Be Together’ and ‘Foolish’) and Jules from Keston Cobblers’ Club (on ‘Meet You’ and ‘Always Laughing’) who add a different dimension to the songs they perform to help make this album even more impressive.

This album is flawless from start to finish with so many outstanding songs including ‘Beyond Brushes’ and ‘Shelter’. My personal favourite is ‘Always Laughing’ which has everything which makes this duo stand out for me. Listen and let the music sweep you away.

Overall, yet another stunning release of 2016 that is filled with so much goodness and charm. I strongly advise you visit their Soundcloud page to listen to ‘Beyond Brushes’ in full and understand why I rate this album so highly. If you need ‘Beyond Brushes’ in your life then you can grab it from the usual places of Amazon and iTunes. You can also grab a CD copy from their store (click HERE).

With such a stunning debut release how can I not be hungry for more. I really hope there will be more releases from this duo and fingers crossed that I will get the opportunity to catch them live as I expect it will be something special. As I am following them on social media (Facebook and Twitter) I can keep up to date with their future shows. These are also great places to find out more about the guys, new tunes and more. Alternatively you can visit their website at

I am a big believer of supporting the music that matters to me and this is what I will be doing for the guys from Stables. If you are enjoying what you hear then tell the world all about them through your social media sites or any other methods you can think of. Go on, spread the word today!