Introducing Spiritual Records

Back in 2015 the independent label Spiritual Records was born and since then they have been recruiting stunning talent to their ever growing roster. Their musicians currently include Jay Fraser, Grim Fawkner, J.B Paterson, Edgar Wallace Exchange, Robert J Hunter, Matilda Gratte and Archie Sylvester.

The labels journey began in 2011 when they took over the Spiritual Bar in Camden Town (London). It was acquired with the goal to create a place that was all about the music. They then created a YouTube channel called Spiritual Sessions and this was used to record songs from artists who performed at the venue. This is when I first came across their work, and because of their channel I discovered talents such as Tarq Bowen and Joe Corbin. They still support great musicians today through their channel which has seen one of my favourite artists evanjack featured. I definitely recommend you check it out, you can do so by clicking HERE.

With all the work they were doing it seemed fitting to create a record label and so Spiritual Records was created. They hope that they can, in their own words, ‘bring out the best of them [musicians] musically and support them long and short term. We encourage all our artists to help each other and help us build the label and to make it stand out in an industry that continues to be plagued by false hope and promises’.

Now to the present day and we see Spiritual Records release their first compilation album (called Spiritual Records Live No.1) featuring artists who have performed at their venue and some who are signed to them. What I really like about this is this collection of songs is that it stays true to their roots and creates something that is all about their unique live environment..

I love the flow of this live album which has a wonderful blend of folk, soul, Americana and blues. Each artist delivers a performance focused on their guitar and their own voice which showcases their natural talent. You really get to hear the passion/emotion within each song and this helps to make it a wonderful experience for your ears.

The artists featured on this album include Whitebrow, Tim De Graaw, Izzie Yardley, Richard Spence, Sebastian Schub, Miss Morose and Jay Fraser. As for my personal favourites I highly recommend you check out the wonderful soulful tone of Kevin Davy White with his song ‘Yoyo’. I’m a big fan of the music from Robert J Hunter so he had to standout, give a listen to his awesome blues track ‘Turning’. The song that stood out for me the most was ‘Animal’ from Burnz. As soon as it starts it instantly grabs your attention and when he starts singing the emotion in his voice is simply stunning. You can find out more about the artists by clicking on their name.

If want to check out the album in full then you need to visit their Spotify page. If you really enjoy what you hear then you can purchase a copy from the usual online stores of Amazon and iTunes.

Spiritual Records always support amazing talent either through their venue (Spiritual Bar), YouTube channel (Spiritual Sessions) or via their social media sites (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). You should really check them all out and see what new music you will discover. Don’t forget, if you discover something new then help the artists by telling the world about them TODAY!