Introducing Skytown

I stumbled across the music of Skytown in 2014 after they were recommended to me via the website Reverbnation, which I used to use (I rarely use the site nowadays). After hearing their song ‘Belly of a Whale’ I was hooked. At that time there was not much to find about the guys, but I knew I needed their music in my collection. Now to the present, the guys are ready to take on the world with their debut album ‘Outshine the Sun’. Before I talk about the release, I would like to properly introduce you to the band.

In 2012 Dale Crain (Vocals/Lead Guitar), Tim Burress (Vocals/Acoustic Guitar), and Eliot Cooper (Drums) got together to form Skytown. They mainly played for friends and family,  which soon escalated to playing larger house parties. They were later approached by Jason Ford (guitar/vocals) who was impressed with their sound and asked if he could audition for the band. The guys thought adding an acoustic element to their music would be good, so after a successful audition Jason joined the band. Since then John Edens (electric guitar) and Dave Williams (bass guitar) have been added to help create a sound that has received nothing but positive reviews due to their energetic live shows.

As a new fan to this band I wanted to find out a little more, so I decided to ask the guys from Skytown themselves. I am glad to say they were happy to answer some of my questions about their music, influences and more. This is what they had to say:

How did Skytown come together and is their a story behind the name?

Well, we all come from small towns in Oklahoma and several of us grew up together in small town called “Skiatook” (SKY-took), so when we needed a name for ourselves, we didn’t really have to look very far far inspiration.

I really liking your sound, which musicians/bands are your biggest influences?

We all love music and have TONS of artists and bands that have inspired us, too many to count really, but here are just a few:  AC/DC, Pantera, U2, Counting Crows, Johnny Cash, Lamb of God, Dave Matthews Band, Rage Against the Machine.  The list could really go on and on.

What is the bands favourite song from the album and why?

I think it varies.  Anytime we try something new with a song arrangement, and it sounds really cool, then that becomes our favorite song for a while.  Then we’ll try doing something new with another song, and then that becomes our favorite song to play.  So picking out an absolute favorite song of ours to play is pretty hard.  I think right now, most of us are pretty keen on “Through Circles.”  But that could change next week.

If you were headlining a world tour, which bands would you choose as YOUR support?

Wow.  Well, we are strong supporters of the local Tulsa, Oklahoma music scene and the bands that we play with on a weekly basis so we’d love to have our friends in All About a Bubble or Swampfox or Autumn on Javine to join us on our world tour.

What’s the future plans for your music?

To just keep on playing and to not get tired of making music.  Pretty simple plans.

Skytown have just released their debut album ‘Outshine the Sun’ and after hearing the song ‘Belly of a Whale’ I had high expectations. This release was not what I expected, actually it was much more and in a good way. It offers so much thanks to some interesting and impressive song writing.

First of all, the music. It provides so many different styles of sound and energy even though it is built on an acoustic foundation. Some songs will have a softer feel while others will have you tapping your feet to its infectious beats. This band must have a good understanding of each other, as the way they each play their part seems to effortlessly interweave to help give this album its killer sound. As much as I like the music that these guys provide, it’s the lyrical content that has impressed me the most. They can deliver deep and reflecting lyrics with songs like ‘Through Circles’ but then they can offer you a light hearted humorous song about drinking called ‘Drove me to Drink’. Every time I listen to their lyrics I discover something new, for me this is a great quality. Those words would not sound so good if it was not for a great vocal display. Throughout the album, the way each song is delivered has a likeable tone which has a natural charm about it. I think this is something that will help to win over new fans.

Now to the part where I choose the songs which stood out for me. I have to choose ‘Belly of a Whale’ as it is the first song I heard which made me the fan I am today. Another song that stands out is ‘Concerned’ which showcases the more detailed lyrics with an underlining emotional tone. My personal favourite is the song ‘Prize Fighter’ which again shows off the bands lyrical content but also has the best overall sound provided by the guys.

Overall, this is a clever release that offers a lot more than you first realise as there is some great song writing at work here. I highly recommend that you head over to their Bandcamp site (click HERE) to listen to the album in full and if you like it as much as me then you can purchase it while you are there.

Even though the guys have just released their debut album I am already waiting for more music from them. From speaking to the guys and listening to their music, I feel that there is so much more that they have to offer. I can’t wait to hear it when they do.

If you want to find out more about Skytown including gigs and future releases then check them out at Alternatively, you can check them out at their social media sites at Facebook and Twitter.

As always, I want to remind you all that independent music needs support to help it grow. If you are fans, then it is your duty to show your support by purchasing the music, going to gigs and helping to spread the word about the music that matters to you. Hopefully this now includes the music by Skytown, so go on and help spread the word today!