Introducing Skyler

I have recently been introduced to the pop rock sound created by the musician called Skyler. This guy from Boston may be new to me, but he is definitely not new to the world of music. His sound has been influenced by music legends including Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty. Over the past four years, he has attended Berkley College of Music and over that time he has released Long Gone EP (2010), Take you Away EP (2011) and the album Restless Heart (2013). Each release not only showcases his musical talent but it also shows the growth of his sound. Impressively, he has performed over 500 shows in venues of all sizes and has shared the stage with the Goo Goo Dolls, Band Perry, and Daughtry (to name a few). Wow, this guy has been busy but has still found the time to release his latest EP ‘One Voice’.

Before I talk about his new EP, I thought I would learn a little more from the man himself by asking him a few questions. This is what he had to say:

What or who inspired you to become a musician?

No one has inspired me more to become a musician than the Beatles. When I was still in diapers, my mom would play their cassettes as she ran errands with me in a car seat. When I was in kindergarten, I saw “A Hard Day’s Night” for the first time and thought “playing music and getting chased by screaming girls sounds pretty fun.” My first electric guitar was a Strat so I could be like George. My first drum set had “The Beatles” painted across the front. My first bass was a knock off Hofner. My first attempts at writing lyrics were all very Lennonesque. And the concert that solidified my career path was a 2005 Paul McCartney concert in Boston….. So, the short answer? The Beatles. And girls.

How would you describe your music and which musicians influence your sound?

I would describe my music as acoustic pop rock. Other contemporary musicians who influence my sound include Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, One Republic, etc. But the classics have always been important: Springsteen, Petty, the Clash.

What was your plans for this EP when you started working on it and how did it differ from your previous releases?

This EP was written with an entirely new cast of characters in a brand new location. Not a single person who was involved in making my last three records was involved with this one. My first three were all made in New England with the people I grew up writing with. With this record, I wanted to branch out, so I went to LA to find some new songwriters and producers with whom to collaborate. After about six months, I found two great writer/producers (Jeff Ballard and Jimmy Norman) and we created this record.

Which is your favourite song from the EP and why?

That’s tough! Right now, I think my favorite is One Voice Sound. It was inspired by Bill McKibbon’s 350 environmental movement in the US, with which my mother is involved. Watching these activists brave the elements and risk their own safety and arrest to try to save the world for future generations is very inspiring. And the way the song is produced and arranged, it really feels like it brings you on a journey.

What are your future plans?

Future plans include promoting this CD around the U.S. and around the world. I hope to make it over to the UK for some shows by the end of 2015.

So, what are my thoughts of Skyler‘s new EP ‘One Voice’? Honestly, it is by far his best work. His previous releases sounded good but I always felt something was missing even though I could not put my finger on it. However, this EP feels complete and that Skyler has found the right balance with his overall sound. Each song has this infectious upbeat feel to its pop rock sound and his hooks are as catchy as ever. It seems that his song writing ability has become stronger including how he arranges his music to help showcase his lyrical talent. This is all delivered with his impressive vocals which have a great range and control that can be heard on the highlight track ‘Break my Fall’. If I had to choose one song to show off Skyler‘s musical talent, then I would have to say it would be my favourite track ‘Once in a Lifetime’. This song has everything I have been describing about his music and you can’t help sing along to the catchy track. Overall, this is an impressive EP that you need to hear and if you like it then buy it.

Personally, I can’t wait to hear more from Skyler and see if his sound will remain like this or if it will evolve more. This is a great thing about music, listening to it grow. To find out more about this musician, future releases and gigs then head over to his website at You can also find out more at his social media sites at Facebook and Twitter, go say hello as he’s cool to chat to.

As always, if there is a musician/band that you are a fan of then don’t forget to voice your support and hopefully this will include this talented musician. For me, I will be helping spread the word of Skyler‘s music and I hope you do to!