Introducing Scarecrow


I am so excited to talk about the music of the band called Scarecrow. I stumbled across them after looking through the blues section on Bandcamp (one of my favourite sites for music). Because I liked their name and the artwork for their releases, I thought I would give their music a listen and I was blown away with their work. It’s difficult to find the right words to describe their sound, but I think the band explain it better as they say it’s ‘Dark, explosive and strangely coherent, the quartet innovates by proposing a real and unique style: the Blues-Hiphop, protest music of the XXIth century, thorned from a dobro or scratched from an old vinyl‘.

Scarecrow are a French quartet made up by Slim Paul (guitars /vocal Blues), Antibiotik Daw (scratch /vocal Hiphop), Jamo (bass /backing vocals ) and Le Pap’s (drums /backing vocals). These guys have been creating music for over 6 years now and like to keep a DIY approach on how they create their music. They have become one of France’s most hard working touring bands with over 500 gigs in 15 different countries.

In 2011 they released the EP ‘This is Blues Hip Hop’ which then saw the impressive follow up album ‘Devil & Crossroads’ in 2013. Then in 2014 they released they released the songs ‘The Well’ and ‘Lonely Hope Blues’. What these releases give is a fusion of genres which include a mix of lyrics delivered in French as well as English. For me this gives the listener something refreshingly original.

Vocally, Slim Paul gives us the old school blues (in English) which has this irresistible soul about it while Antibiotik Daw gives us the modern day sound with his French rap skills. This blend of different languages offers something different and even though I do not understand what Antibiotik is rapping (due to my poor French speaking/listening skills) his lyrical flow is infectious. The song ‘All Now’ is a great example of this bilingual talent that is crazy good with its foot stomping energy and killer blues riffs. Antibiotik adds more hip hop to the band with his awesome scratching techniques on the decks. Let’s not forget the cool groove from Jamo on the bass, the infectious beats from Le Pap’s on the drums and you get this killer sound of Scarecrow.

Here is a band that have so many great songs in their arsenal which brings a good mix of tempos. ‘Blindin’ Blues’ gives us their cool bluesy sound that is chilled with a subtle emotion to it that Slim Paul showcases his delicate vocal skills. The song ‘Morning Rooster’ shows the other end of their musical spectrum with a foot stomping energy and a funky feel,  I have big love for this song. Picking my overall personal favourite was a tough one but I am going with ‘The Well’. As soon as the song starts you hear how the band combine blues guitar with some harmonica to bring us a cool bluesy sound and infectious beat that stands out for me.

Overall, here is a band that gives the listener something original by bringing together two genres that in my listening experience, rarely meet. Even if Hop Hop or the blues is not your usual thing I advise you still give Scarecrow a listen by heading over to their Bandcamp page (click HERE) to listen to all their music in full. I am honestly a big fan of their sound and hope when you listen you will agree with me too.

I see from their social media that the Scarecrow train is still rolling full steam ahead. They are currently planning to take over the world with a brand new album due in May and a new tour. If their latest song ‘Left Behind’ is anything to go by then this new album will be there best work to date and you can expect to read about it here once it’s released. I am trying to see if I can get the guys involved with my next review, I have my fingers crossed that they do.

If you want to find out more from Scarecrow including future releases and their tour then visit their website at or follow them on their social media sites at Facebook and Twitter. If you like what you are hearing then don’t forget to spread the word and tell the world about the band Scarecrow today!