Introducing Sam and the Black Seas

Let me introduce you to Sam and the Black Seas who are an amazing indie folk band that you really need to know about. Their journey began with Samuele Rampani (guitar/vocals) who’s path is an interesting story. He says ‘I personally don’t believe in horoscopes or esoteric rituals, but I have to admit that the guy who gave me a tarot card reading a few years ago was spectacularly right. The day after our encounter, I wrote a note and tucked it into the collar of a dog. A few days later I received a text containing an inspiring invitation to leave everything behind and go to Australia. Travelling far helped me to get closer to myself through music. With the ocean as a backdrop and a studio on wheels as home, I began writing again and growing a burning desire to bring my music to life‘.

2015 saw him joined by Andrea Bianchi di Castelbianco (guitar), Mattia Boschi (cello), Stefano Tedesco (drums) and the band Sam and the Black Seas were born. Since forming they have been busy performing while releasing four singles through the Independent Record Label Atomic Fat. This has helped them to gain an ever-expanding audience in Italy and the UK.

Now to the present day and Sam and the Black Seas have released their debut album ‘Silver’ which is a beautiful sounding album. Their track ‘Agata’ was the first I heard from them, and its was the combination of its soft atmospheric music mirrored with the tender vocals from Samuele which won me over. I am glad that this partnership is the foundations of which this release is build on.

The way that the band creates this captivating atmosphere within their music is amazing to hear. Actually, the way that it has been arranged with layers that includes a wonderful use of a cello creates something that you also feel. It’s hard to put into words put when you listen to songs like ‘Something went Wrong‘ and ‘Heaven Gave Us Blessing’ you will understand what I am trying to say.

The final part of their winning formula is the vocals from Samuele who displays a warm tone that is effortless and natural. Listen to my favourite song ‘The Love We Owe’ to hear this talent as well as how good the band sound as a whole. For me, this showcases why you need to check out Sam and the Black Seas.

Head over to their Bandcamp page to listen to ‘Silver’ in full and if you like what you hear then you can purchase a copy (digitally or physical) while you are there. Alternatively, you can purchase a copy from the usual online stores of iTunes and Amazon.

I am looking forward to hearing future releases from Sam and the Black Seas because I still feel that they have a lot more to offer. Yes they do sound great, but I believe that they are going to get even stronger. As I am following them on their social media sites (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) then I will be able to keep undated with new releases, upcoming shows and other things in their world. All this information can also be found at

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