Introducing Rusted Hero

10881905_1522941211315182_3745486679307358189_nLast year I featured the music of the rock band Rusted Hero after seeing them perform live (see post Rusted Hero gig). If you do not know who Rusted Hero are then let me give you a quick introduction. The band itself was originally formed in 2013 by Adam (Lead Guitar) and John-Paul Coxon (Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals) but since then they have changed the line up several times. Recently they added Andy Milburn (Bass) and Dox Docherty (Lead vocals) to the line up to help take their sound to another level. Together these guys deliver a kick ass blend of rock, blues and grunge that is relentless.

Since seeing the guys perform they have been busy touring like crazy, spreading their music around Europe including Germany and Italy. They have also supported some big┬ánames in the world of rock including Hayseed Dixie and Eric Martin (voice of Mr Big). This has been gaining them a lot of deserved attention, radio plays and more importantly, fans to their army. These guys also released their debut album ‘Road to Nowhere’ which was helped with a successful Pledge Project supported by their fans (including myself). I now want to take the opportunity to talk to you all about this album.

‘Road to Nowhere’ is an album that does not mess about or pretend to be something that it’s not. These guys have a simple plan and that is to create something that rocks! These guys definitely do that on this album as well at their shows. After seeing them perform a few times now I have always been impressed by the way the guys play to each others strengths and they have fun at the same time. This helps to create their overall awesome rock sound which can also be heard throughout the album. When you listen to my highlight tracks ‘Liquid Wet’ and ‘Mexico’ you can hear the influences of their heroes from the classic rock world which have helped to shape their sound. These songs are built around the foundations of thunderous drumming, take no prisoner riffs, epic vocals and killer rhythm on the bass. What more does any rock fan need?

11140362_1147312531954176_4667269965388679798_nMy biggest surprise from the album is my favourite track ‘One More Day’ which brings a softer sound than the rest of the songs on offer. There is more of an emotional feel to this one, but don’t worry it’s not an 80’s rock ballad. This song showed me that these guys are not a one trick rock pony as they want to bring a bit of variation in their sound but not too much that it strays away from their path to rockness. As much as Dox sounds great on each song with powerful vocals that would make the rock gods smile, it is good to hear him give a more softer and controlled tone to his voice. Again, good variation to what they offer.

Overall ‘Road to Nowhere’ is a great album that does exactly what it says, so expect to enjoy some pure no nonsense┬árock. If you want to check out more of their music then find them at their website (click HERE) or YouTube. If you like what you hear and need this album in your collection then it can be purchased from the usual online stores like Amazon or iTunes. Alternatively, if you need this album on CD then you can grab it from their store by clicking HERE.

As much as this album sounds great, I know that their best is still to come. If you want to find out if I’m right or want to find out more about the band including future gig dates then head over to their website at Alternatively, check them out on their social media sites at Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to say hello to them as they do like a bit of banter with their fans.

Remember, bands like Rusted Hero need the help of their fans so they can continue doing what they love which is creating music. Its easy for the mainstream musicians who have the funding behind them but independent musicians and bands need our support. So go on, buy the music, go to gigs and help spread the word about the music that matters to you. For me, I will be continuing to show my support to Rusted Hero as these guys know how to ROCK!

Special thanks to Emma Lawton for the use of her photos for both reviews. You can check out her other photos at her Facebook page by clicking HERE.